Middle row seats - cup holder on LC with Navi (1 Viewer)

Dec 6, 2005
Just got a 2002 LC with Navigation.

Can anyone tell me whether there are cup holders for the middle row seats for LCs with Navi? I'm asking because pushing on what appears to be the cup holder (on the back of the console) doesn't do anything. I wasn't sure whether the thing is just stuck or it's just a blank trim piece. I tried prying the thing open without success.

BTW, this thing handles surprisingly well considering its size - I traded in a BMW 330 for it, and was expecting nothing in the handling department.

Jan 13, 2005
Louisville, KY
Mine worked great until one of my drunk-ass friends kicked it and broke it. Then, he thought he'd help me out by jamming it back in broken. Now it won't come out at all. Someday I'm going to tear it out and replace all the guts.

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