Micro rear spoiler and year model 100?

Feb 7, 2005
I test drove a 2002 LC and it didn't have this 1/2" rear spoiler on the top rear hatch, but I saw one today.

OK the problem is, there's a guy running around town that I can never get with-in 1 cars length from.

He has an all white 100 series LC and the rear "LAND CRUISER" symbol is all silver (looks stock) and it has a tiny rear spoiler thats molded/stamped at the top rear hatch, the spoiler it's self comes out horizontal. Just think of a new GX470 but again only ~1/2"

I believe that there where minor body differences between 98-99 and 00-above.

I suspect that this is just a stock 98-99 because of the extra clean lines and no body molding.

Can someone verify this before I actually have to hit the guy to find out what year model this is?
Nov 26, 2003
Frankfort, KY
Sounds modded to me...I don't think they ever made all white UZJ's...only white body with different color bumpers.
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