Michelin XZL'S 9r16s

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Jun 25, 2003
Okinawa, Japan
5 Michelin XZL'S 9r16s for sale

sold sold sold
Have a great day

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Damnit! I've been waiting for these for MONTHS.... and finally picked up new tires after losing all hope... :(

hehehe.... someone will be lucky to get these.
For those that have asked... no I wasn't running these on my 80. I had them on my 40...
thanks for lookin!!!


tire pix
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nice tires
Bump tidy Bump!!!

Price is OBO... make an offer!!!! I can be reasonable!!

Any idea what one tire/wheel weighs? For figuring shipping?
about 65 lbs... I'm not exactly sure on that part and I won't be able to weigh them before Sunday but i'll let you know on Sunday.

thanks for lookin

The weights are ~105lbs mounted and ~85lbs unmounted... I used my wife's bathroom scale so the accuracy may not be ideal... but a good ball park #

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a few more pix for the interested
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Cool wheel and tire combo. Unfortunately shipping is out of control from what quick numbers I ran. TTT for you!
forward air for 5 michelin xzl's on 1 pallet Omaha to denver $132.16

I didn't check to Salt Lake City...oops

not to bad...but that isn't to your door... it is terminal to terminal

Unfortunately for me, the closest Forward Air is about 248 miles away.
check freightquote.com, got a real good deal there on one pallet term to term.
sale pending

will delete thread when tires sell

thanks for the inquiries

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