Miata guy buys a 99 LX470

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Oct 31, 2017
Sacramento, CA
Hey Mud,

I have been lurking while shopping for a 100 series. So much good info on this site, so thanks to all the 100 series dudes for helping make an informed decision!

Here she is the day after we brought her home


1999 River Rock Green w/110k on the clock. Freakishly clean, garage kept with a recent TB/WP service and newish coopers. Some wear and tear on the drivers seat but no cracks. Pretty amazing for an 18 year old car.

Obligatory first mod - Yanked the running boards and adjusted the AHC sensors for a tiny bit of lift until I can get a diff drop.


Goals are towing my Miata to the race track and l some light camping/overlanding adventures with my wife. Supporting mods to come as funds allow. HIDs, 33s, roof rack, and some sliders.

And here is my Miata in case anyone is interested. Aero comes on and off in about 25 mins.



Nice 470, but I wish your thread title was "Miata guy buys a 99 LX470 and crushes the Miata with Hundy." ;)

Nice Miata as well, and glad you didn't crush it.
Nice Hundy. I just can't figure how the leather has wear and tear at 110k miles. My newest '06 has 218k miles and immaculate shape. Musta been a thick skinnned bull.
Yeah, the Carfax says it was a corporate lease waaay back when. My guess is that it got hammered pretty good until the second owner bought it.

At least that’s my guess why the DS is a tiny bit beat up. It’s really not that bad.
Made some mudflap delete panels from some scrap dibond. Need to pull them back off and make a few adjustments to get the body lines perfectly squared up, but I'm happy with the outcome for 30 mins of fab and paint. I'll probably trim the lower section flush at the same time.


Scored a roof top carrier off craigslist too. Already putting it to use hauling some parts down to San Francisco.


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