MGrew Pre-run... June 22-24 (1 Viewer)

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Jan 8, 2006
Ashland, OR
Sooooooooooooooooooo............. At Ty's B-day party, we came to an awesome decision about the pre run..... :drumroll:

We're going to night-run McGrew on Friday the 22nd!!!! Is that not the best idea ever!!!???!!!?!?!? So the plan for now is to be ready to roll out of O'Brien around 7 pm, and hopefully we'll be into camp before midnight! Hehehe

So, who's coming with?????? :D
Run the whole thing in reverse while you're at it! :meh::flipoff2:

<night vision on>
Wow, I don't remember that at all. I may have been part of the drunk crowd. Although that stogie G gave me kicked my butt way more than the MHLIAC (miller high life in a can).
Afraid I'm gonna miss it this year. Out of town weekend before and the week after and the pocket book is already empty. Get my boys until that Saturday at 3 as well.
Can't make it Friday but will be there Saturday morning. I assume there will be a crowd leaving Obrian around 9 am that morning like last year.
You guys ought to haul in an old travel trailer and chain it to something immovable and make that your HQ for the official run. :confused:
Can't make it Friday but will be there Saturday morning. I assume there will be a crowd leaving Obrian around 9 am that morning like last year.
Doesn't sound like it'll be JSC. Lost Coast will be heading out around 10.
Look out, we have jeeps in our group. :censor: :doh: :bang: :meh:

:cool: sounds like Lost Coast might have a decent turnout including the widow of a beloved long time member who died 2 weeks ago. Looks like, unless Louise goes up fri nite, I'll come up Sat am, hit Taylors then Obrien by 10 and off to the trail.:steer:
Like to make a nite run with 'you'all' some time. Sounds fun.:bounce:
Hope to see you @ sourdough.
Ill be honest, I gotz some serious radiator issues and a f'd up week ahead. Im working on getting it sort'ed. Night wheeling with my questionable issue is out.

I boiled over just driving to ashland yesterday.
We've got a bunch of different things going on next weekend... Thats why im going in on thursday for the actual run to make up for missing the prerun.
Well not sure I will be taking the 80 on the pre-run in its current state. However might have some good news. Swung by D&T where I bought the radiator last year..... In fact 362 days ago so its still under its 1yr warranty :lol:. They think the bottom seal failed. New radiator will be in tomorrow. They have to pull the current one to verify the failure. So fingers crossed it is what he thinks it is and I will get a new one installed under warranty. :D
:lol: I showed him our handy work, he shrugged and said it won't effect the warranty and he would have done the same thing.... including re-using the current frames for the new one if replaced.
They are pretty cool over there^^^^ He was the one that recored my radiator. Did it quick and clean. Talk to them about sponsorship.:hmm:

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