Methusalem has been sold!

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Nov 9, 2010
On the road
Hi guys! Just want to tell you that Methusalem, my 30 year old HJ60, is sold two days ago. And because I won't buy a new 60 anymore (I guess :) ) I won't post anymore in the 60 department.
I want to thank all of you for all the invaluable information and help I got, the past three years. And I really enjoyed it, being here, reading all your stuff and sharing the little knowledge I had, if possible.
Chances are that my next car/truck/whatever will be a Lexus LX450 or LC HDJ80, so in that case I will reappear in the 80 department, probably with pics and stories and panic and technical problems of a trip through the whole of South America and maybe Central- and North America.

So, thanx again from this bush whity



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She was a great truck and hopefully went to a good home. Tell the new owner about all the archiving you have done with her on here and hopefully they will join and keep the legacy going.
Cheers and good luck on your next adventure!
Man, you should of driven that to Los Angeles !:D

Good luck down the road. And if you want back in the club, it'll cost ya;)
Thanks, guys! :cheers:

No, I guess no 60 for me anymore. It was the nicest truck I have had, though. Ever. But, man! Did I use a lot of words I didn't want to use and definitely didn't want my children to hear when it was time AGAIN to start wrenching or when the next rotting bodypart appeared... :bang:
BUT! The HJ60 teached me how to wrench, so it was a good learning experience. And it brought us to Brazil and Venezuela and back, so... :)

By the way, I just bought a '97 Lexus LX450. Gonna pick it up tomorrow. Originally from Florida, but since 2003 in Suriname. Looks good, engine is a sewing machine, just 63.000 miles (not many roads over here). It is totally original, so any build up must happen underway, probably in Venezuela, because I have friends over there with a 4WD stuff factory ( and we will pass them on our trip through South-America. So at last we know we can go!!! The first week of November we want to start traveling.


Mooie bak Wim, the lexus model is close to the 60 body, very nice.
How do you get past Panama/Dorian gap? If you drive thru farc territory, I want IN on the next exped.
Darien Gap? Like Land Crusher said, in a 20ft container.

And yes, maybe I will miss the simplicity of my 60, especially when I have to fix an electrical error, but 212 hp's and 373 Nm torque is VERY nice, having dry feet when it rains is VERY nice, having a frame that is not rusted through is VERY nice, power steering with some actual power is nice... :)

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