Metal-tech 4x4 - Group Buy for GSMTR

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Buy any Metal-tech 4x4 brand product and get 10% off AND Metal-tech will donate another 10% to GSMTR! You also get discounted shipping. Get the gear for yourself and help support GSMTR at the same time.

How it works. Call Metal-tech 4x4 (800-839-6797) and place your GSMTR/Group Buy order before May 17th for any Metal-tech 4x4 brand product. (Roll cage kits, FJ80 Sliders, FJ40/FJ Cruiser Tube doors etc.) Metal-tech will give you the discount and discount your shipping as to what you ordered. Everyone’s order will ship together to Marshall Shepherd’s commercial warehouse before GSMTR. Marshall will then bring your ordered parts up to GSMTR for pick up. Metal-tech 4x4 will then donate a full 10% of what you purchased directly to GSMTR to help support the event in addition to the sponsorship Metal-tech is already doing.

Fine print: Discount only valid on items in stock, no back orders sorry. Your order must ship to GSMTR in order to get the discount. Not going, no problem have your buddy that is going to GSMTR pick it up for you, get the discount and support the event.


Metaltech 4x4 Protection Evolved

As well Metal-Tech has stepped up and is sending us the new pint glasses with the a new orange MT logo on them. They will be available for those coming to GSMTR 2010. Also we have some other cool things from MT coming for the event.

Please post up if you have any questions.​
Awesome! MT rocks :cool: Wish I had some scratch to order something.
What's the deal with the pint glasses? Are they for sale, or is it only for attendees to GSMTR?

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