Metal rubbing noise?

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Mar 27, 2003
Pulled out of garage Sat. afternoon and wife says 'I hear something rubbing, sound like metal'. I go, oh S#!T. First thought is just brakes, but had them done at 105, and she's only got 112,500 now. Only happens in gear with LC moving, not in gear, no motion. Noise is both forward and reverse. Any ideas. She's at the dealer now, awaiting the dreaded, this is the problem sir.

OT - Saw the new Scion XA and XB this morning. The XA is cute, and sticker at $15K. &nbsp:Daughter is 15 and I'b beginning to look at cars for her (god help us all!) :p.
How about rolling in neutral?

Could be something easy like a small stone caught in a pad?

Got my fingers crossed for ya.
Didn't check in neutral. As they say - we're going to find out one way or another. :-/
Rear brakes. Not down to metal. New pads and resurface rotors. Suggested flushing fluids as well. Glad it was nothing more serious.

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