metal fell in intake... suggestions? need major help

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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
I was putting my rebuilt carb. back onto the intake manifold (after drilling out the led and fixing the idle mixture screw) I must have let a washer or something slip into the intake because when I started the truck back up it idled fine but then I can hear sporadic "tinking" like something was rattling randomly and hitting things inside the engine, it wasn't a violent sound but the sound will even vibrate through the gas pedal.

I pulled all the plugs to see if one was damaged and number 4 was bent inward, meaning something (possibly a washer) might have hit it, I pulled the rest of the plugs then turned it over to try to force the matter out of the cylinder, but after reinstalling the plugs and doing this 2 more times, the noise is still there. I also checked the valve cover and let it run and everything seemed in working order while running. The clank is sporadic and doesn't have a rhyme or reason, which could possibly mean its not a bent valve.

I now took the carb back off and the intake and exhaust and could not see anything down my very narrow field of vision looking into the valves... nothing fell out that I noticed but it still could have happened.... I tried using a magnet pickup and roaming around to see if I would catch anything.... but doe anyone have any good ideas or what I should do next? Possible locations it could be? it seemed as though only one cylinders spark plug had been damaged... so I would almost assume the problem is in or around that cylinder
If it's sitting on top of the about bringing that one to the top, see what you can see with your very brightest & pin pointed flashlight. Then try to fish it out thru the spark plug hole.

If it's on that piston, you should be able to get it out.

I had to do this once, (my object was on top of #1) messed w/it for over 4 hours, about to give up & remove the head. Slept on it overnight, the next day my wife got it out w/a contraption of a bunch of paper clips & some kniting stuff. Really !

Locate it 1st, then post up. GOOD LUCK.

unless it's non-magnetic, a magnet is the probalby the way to go. The washer may not be in one piece any longer.
Actually got a nut out once on a non-toyota I6 using a high-power shop vac and a fabbed-up nozzle that tapered down to spark plug size. Sucked it right out, and it stuck on the end of the nozzle.

i concur with what has been said already but be sure and post up pics when you get it out!

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