Memorial Weekend 21 Road run

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Nov 25, 2007
Divide, Colorado
Hello, This is Chuck from the Colorado Land Cruisers in Colorado Springs. I was in Grand Junction last Memorial Weekend and ran 21 Road and part of Billings and Bangs Canyon. I had such a good time running 21 Road, or 21 River as it was last year, that I want to run it again this year. Anyone from Book Cliff Cruisers want to join me? I don't have a plan on which trails to run on which days yet so I am flexable for now.

Chuck Wigham
Cell: 719-649-9180
Memorial Weekend - 2010

As I write this, Chuck & family are on their way over from Colorado Springs/Divide. We will be going on a run tomorrow, maybe 21 road, maybe somewhere else - maybe Baxter Pass for a look-see, or??? If anyone is interested, chime in.

FJ40L "stock"
The Run

I hope your run was safe and fun. I just back into town from Florida and wish I could have been here for that (not sure about 21 road) hopefully you got some good off road time in.

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