Memorial day weekend...or at least Memorial day


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Jun 2, 2004
Wheat Ridge CO
My mom and I went for a drive today. I worked all weekend, sixteen hour shifts and no sleep...until yesterday. I dozed off around 4:00 Sunday afternoon and woke up this morning at 9:00. I guess seventeen hours of sleep made up for the thirty-seven hours of OT last week. And Nakman, sorry I wasn't more alert the other day at Comenello's, that was a crazy week....

We drove from Denver to Leadville, stopped in at the Colorado Mining Museum (I had been wanting to see that for awhile), and then West over Independence Pass to Aspen. We decided not to drive up to Maroon Bells because of the weather and also decided $2.70 a gallon for gas in Aspen was just silly. We headed back over Independence Pass, down to Buena Vista, and home through South Park. Beautiful day even if it was raining most of the time.

No Cruiser content other than the fact that my 40 is still out of service because of the Orion issue. Parts should be here shortly.

I did find a promising road that crosses the continental divide to the South of Independence. FR106...going to find out more about that one...


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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming
you would've enjoyed maroon bells...when paul and i were still together, we went there after getting lost on the way to the meet point for the triply bypass run. it was great. long fun story too...even if it does involve paul :rolleyes:

here are some pics to wet your whistle...
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