Memorial Day Ride

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Sep 21, 2005
Many members have expressed an interest in riding at Tracy City again. The Damn Locals have a Memorial Day Ride May 22-24, with guide rides, camping at the Tracy city Fair Grounds and Meals for only $50. Here is the registration link SFWDA Forums - Damn Locals Meorial Day Ride . We can do a club ride on May 25 and make it a 3 day run.
I'm registered. If you go to the link above to register you will find a form to fill out, there is no submit button, copy the completed form paste it on a e-mail and send to the address listed.
If we are not in FL for family vacation I will be there!
Well folks it is only a week and a half away, is anyone coming????
I'll be there
My wife, brother daughter and I will be heading up Saturday afternoon to camp and then riding Sunday. Is anyone else camping Saturday night?
My plans are to go up Friday evening and stay through Sunday or Monday if others are staying. Saturday evening is the BBQ meal.
I am out...out for the OCC too... :frown:

With work picking up we are finally feeling the effects of having a smaller staff. It's going to be a long summer...

Hopefully, I will have some time to knock out this 60 series ps conversion before the SCC.
a few from this weekend





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