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Aug 31, 2014
Corrales, New Mexico USA
Yes, you read that correctly - NO DUES FOR CALANDAR YEAR 2021!

I have spoke with several club "Elders" regarding this year's club membership dues and have all agreed that we will not collect dues this year. Several factors played into this decision, including the deferral of our Xmas party and the healthy cash balance that we currently enjoy.

For newer members, we typically start collecting annual membership dues of $20 around this time of year. These voluntary membership funds and proceeds from our SWAG sales are used to support our annual Christmas party and provide charitable donations to local off road organizations that support our hobby. This year, we have made a nice donation to the NMOHVA, as we have in the past. Unlike previous years, we plan to keep a larger balance going into the new year so we can purchase additional SWAG as inventories are depleted and be able to sponsor a nice event in the summer and/or 2021's Xmas party.

Of course, you are welcome to still pay dues if you are so compelled, or even donate to the club. I have provided details on how it all works below.

Paying for Tee Shirts, hoodies, stickers, membership dues or donating to High Desert Cruisers is easy - here's how.....
  • Go to
  • Log-in or create an account
  • Click - "pay or send money" and then "send to friends and family in the US"
  • Enter email ""
  • Enter the amount you wish to send, like $5 for a club sticker, select continue, choose your account to take funds from
  • Click - "send"
  • You may get a confirmation that says "Payment sent to Jon Stewart". That is correct, Jon (AKA @pappy ) is our club treasurer.
    • Although we are happy to take your cash/bills directly, sending funds via PayPal is preferred. Using PayPal provides an effective audit trail showing the flow of funds in/out of our account.

Thank you all for being such great club members. We are so fortunate to have so many caring, intelligent folks that will do anything to help out a fellow off roader.

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