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Apr 11, 2002
Brawley, CA.
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Years back when I signed up (It was in Nov.) I didn't recieve the Nov. Dec issue. Although to this day my card still says Nov. :-/ Yours says March, so that's the issue I'd expect!
Dec 23, 2002
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Yes Corey... Mar/Apr should be your first issue of 6.

Basically, we have to create the 'mailing list' for a specific issue earlier than it is actually mailed... if you join or renew after that cutoff date, you end up missing that particular issue. You will receive 6 issues of course....

That is why renewal reminders are now going out in the 5th.. or second to last... issue. This allows enough time to renew ideally. If TLCA has not received your renewal in time for what should be your first issue after renewal, we will send it out anyhow in hopes that your renewal is in route.

does any of that make sense? 8)

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