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May 17, 2003
Anyone using a Mel's ignition kit from JTO? Need to upgrade and wondered if this was worth the $100. Or is there a better setup for around $100? Thanks for the help.
I put one in my 74-40 about 3 years ago. Works great! Starts quicker, runs really well, was a snap to put in. I'm happy with it.
Yankee Toys :D
You see the 3 mpg increase they claim?
I like mine, starts faster and no pionts to mess with.  Easy to install. :D I think that Petronox has something similar, but they dont have one specifically for a LC, they may have one that works.
Appreciate the help. :D The Mels kit almost sounded too good to be true. But if I can eliminate another one of the many bugs that are keeping my cruiser in the garage for $100... Im in!
I installed a chevy HEI in my 2F. I used the guide in the tech section right here on IH8MUD. It works well, though I didn't get any huge MPG gains. (I think my poor mileage is due to my bad compression on two cylinders, though.) Starting is much easier and my low compression cylinders don't foul out as badly as before.
Read a little about the HEI swap. Sounded good but I was slightly nervous about the gear swap and rigging up a hold down clamp. :-/ Seemed easier to leave the stock dist in and just slap the Mels kit on it. No real fabrication or guess work required. Am I getting worked up about nothing or is this going to be a real issue?
Tag along question: Will the Mels kit work in a non-USA toyota distributor? I was considering the same mod if it would fit..
TPI sells one for the non-usa distributor. $70 bucks,... have one in mine, works like a champ. I get sh!tty gas mileage,(~7mpg) and no noticeable difference, but she runs looots better, smoother now. Haven't checked my compression as of yet. Figure I have two cylinders with plenty-o blow-by.
(for the mag pts.)

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