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Jan 22, 2019
I am starting a thread to post all of our meeting minutes in. I don't plan on posting all of the past meeting minutes here, I am planning on just starting with Jan. 2019 meeting & there after

If there are any corrections to my notes, please feel free to post them up as well

Club Video Meeting

Brian, Mike, Jeremy, Cody, Gary, Dan, Aaron & Melissa, Ally

Prev Meeting
-cook park
-gary working on truck
-mike working in friends garage with lift

Upcoming Business
-----Ally, nom by Brian, Jeremy 2nd
-----Brian, nom by Jeremy, ally 2nd
----- Mike, nom by Brian, Jeremy 2nd
-----Chad, nom by Gary, Brian 2nd
-----Dan&Pam, Brian nom, ally 2nd
-----Jeremy nom self, Brian 2nd
-----Cody, nom by Gary, Mike & Dan 2nd

Upcoming Events
-Cody when he gets truck fixed wants to go wheeling. Needs front diff acut, --Brian has some resources
-Gary workparty all weekend, skid plates, rear bumper
-Mike wed. 28th having work party

CTW 2021
-CTW chairman supposed to be agreed upon position, not a selected
-----jeremy willing to do it again if agreed upon
------ Club officers chat will discuss. Jeremy needs to be removed from chat for discussion?

-Being closed at end of year.
---keep it closed next year?
-need to have a work party, need to get list of what equipment is needed
--close for winter, when ODF will allow us, sched a work party & maintain volunteer hours

Brian, Mike, Jeremy, Tyler, Gary, Chad, Dan, Cody, Jeff, Anthony

Dan-put radiato4 in jeep, still not getting to temp
Gary- welding & a lot of work to do
Mike-rear springs fixed, working on trailer
Tyler-dirtbike repair

Brian Carrier
Chad Holznagel
Chad Holznagel

Dan Hofer & Pam Hofer
Dan Hofer & Pam Hofer

Sergeant of Arms
Jeremy Cox
Cody Brooks
Cody Brooks

Mike made motion for club to thank Brian for EVERYTHING
Everyone seconded it
Congrats to New President

Chairperson is elected by president, if we want it to be a nomination & voted on we need to make a motion to change bylaws.
Plan is to just have Jeremy carryover as CTW chairperson this year

Upcoming Events
Garys house this weekend & all of next week
Chad to likely have last minute work party some time in January
Mike needs help tearing down his garage

Airplane Hill
Still open as of last weekend, Gary to go up this weekend to close it
--Gary chairman of the trail
-Close trail down for Winter. Chad, Gary, & anyone else who gets nominated for the committee will make plan for it
Gary & Chad to keep in touch w/ each other about plan

Christmas Tree Run
Was posted on forum- brainstorming locations
--Tree Permits more difficult to get this year, but option to get one online
---Anyone volunteer for Xmas Tree Run?
Typically 1st Sat. I'm Dec
Poss Mike to reach out to some people who may have suggestions of places up north
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January 2021 Club Meeting

  • Call to Order – Time: 7:01pm
  • Introductions (roll call): Chad & Amy, Jeremy, Dan & Pam, Jeff Meek, Cody, Gary, Mike. Virtual: Brian & Chelse, Katie Meek, Ally, and Scoot
  • Treasurer’s Report – Still working on getting everything together.
  • TLCA Delegate Report – Nothing to report
  • Correspondence
    • Explain quarterly “business meeting” – January, April, July, and October meetings dive deeper into club business than typical Meet N Greets.
    • Club dues are $36 and do not include TLCA membership. Since Dan and Pam are in the process of getting the treasury up to date, they will be due at Feb meeting. Option to pay via CashApp
    • Short open discussion of what members would like to see change the club. What is important to them and what they would like to see more of.
    • Direction of the club
      • Organization, follow through, and communication from club leaders.
      • Get back to our mission statement per the By-Laws: “A family oriented group of Toyota 4x4 owners dedicated to service when needed anywhere, anytime. We are committed to TREAD Lightly principals, keeping public land open to the public, and supporting the Toyota Land Cruiser Association.”
        • Focus on the “family oriented” portion of our mission.
        • Focus on being more relational (less of a “good ‘ol boys club”)
        • Focus on supporting TLCA, it’s chapters, and other local clubs.
      • More club activities – To be discussed in “New Business.”
      • Promotion of the club
        • Social media presence
        • Attitude and treatment of guests / non-members
        • Focus on growth via members and community outreach.
  • Old Business
    • Winch raffle – Mike set up Cash App and will be getting an online raffle going. All proceeds will go to Mary.
    • Club Swag
      • Jeremy was able to get all our back stock of merchandise organized and categorized. We are going to be offering them to club members free of charge.
      • Gary is in the process of getting pricing on new club swag and we will be sending out a pre-order form for members. Swag will include shirts, onesies, hats, hoodies, magnetic koozies, and stickers. Gary should be ready with pre-order sheet for Feb meeting.
    • Airplane Hill – Gary is getting equipment, materials, and a time for a work party. The BOD authorized up to $2,000 for the rebuild. Mike has a buddy willing to donate equipment rental. Gary is working with ODF for staging material. Gary will let us know when the work party will be once logistics is nailed down.
  • New Business
    • Monthly Activities! – Mike to present schedule. He will upload and share.
    • By-laws
      • BOD will be working on updating the by-laws wording since it hasn’t been updated since 2017. (Example: Changing “Toyota Owners” to “Toyota Enthusiasts”) Anything that changes the spirit of the by-laws will be voted on.
      • Once the by-laws are updated, we will be adding them to our website and forum. I would also like to see them on FB. Meanwhile, I would be happy to send the by-laws to anyone who would like them.
    • Officer duties
      • TLCA Delegate scope expanding to club liaison. Details pending.
      • Sargent of Arms to include Social Medial / PR role. Details pending.
    • Bringing back “taboo” words in the club (i.e. “stuck”). The BOD will be hammering out the details.
  • Good of the Order
    • Cody leading a kid friendly wheeling trip on the 30th.
    • Chelsea’s B-Day
    • Ben’s B-Day
    • Scoot & Sam’s baby shower
  • Adjournment – 7:48 pm
February 2021 Club Meeting

  • Call to Order – Time: 7:03pm
  • Introductions (roll call): In person- Chad & Amy Holznagel, Jeremy Cox, Gary Kipp, Cody Brooks, Dan & Pam Hofer; Virtual- Kyle Wiebold, Brian Carrier, Jeff Meek, Chelsea Ivy, Bubba Tesky, Andrew ???, Shaun Swanson, and Brandon Carsley.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Cash box $396.03. Still having issues accessing checking account. Chad will contact the bank to see what can be done in restructuring.
  • TLCA Delegate Report: There has been some officer changes within TLCA and they are pushing a focus for Instagram. Gary is going to find out if we need to tag them in posts or if using a hashtag will work.
  • Correspondence
    • Club dues are due now! Please submit $36 and a filled-out Membership Application. Remember dues do not include TLCA membership! Option to pay via CashApp – Mike will be posting the Club’s CashApp tag on Facebook and Forum.
    • Airplane Hill update: Gary has been trying to contact Jamal with ODF to plan staging material. Mike has secured equipment being donated for the rebuild. Gary will keep us posted on when the work party will be.
    • Cruisin’ the Woods update: Nothing new to report.
  • Old Business
    • Winch raffle – Mike got the winch raffle is setup and it can be seen at . You can visit that website to buy tickets or text 'winch2021' to 8552022100 to be directed to buy entries. You can also get free entries for sharing the raffle on social media. As stated before, all of the proceeds will go to Darryl’s family. The raffle started 2/18 and will run for three weeks. The winner will be announced at the next meeting.
    • Club Swag
      • Old swag is organized and ready to give away. We mostly have Med and Large sizes, but there is a bit of everything. Please contact Jeremy with your size and he will get them out to you.
      • Pre-Order sheet ready for new swag. Mike is going to turn it into a fillable .pdf and Gary will be emailing it to all members. He needs to have the completed sheet back by the end of the month to order. Once that is completed, Dan & Pam will contact you for payment.
    • Monthly Activities! – Mike has the schedule and will be posting it up as events on Facebook and the Forum. The events will alternate between wheeling and work party. Unfortunately, this month’s run will not happen.
    • By-law changes
      • A vote was made on the following additional amendment to the by-laws. It was approved unanimously: “Article VII - Section V- Any swear words and the word “stuck” in any context are taboo and will occur a fine of $.25 per word or $5 per day at any club function or event. If there is a dispute on what is or isn’t a swear word, it will be at the discretion of the Sargent of Arms. The rule of taboo words falls upon all club members, club applicants, and guests invited by club members. The member who invited the guest shall be responsible for their guest and will be obligated to pay any and all fines on the guest’s behalf.”
  • New Business
    • Mike and I are building portable Ham base station for the Club as was voted on in June 2019. Mike’s Aunt was gracious enough to donate her late husband’s field set-up, so we will make sure that is complete and running for the club.
    • Scoot will be spearheading a winching and recovery class for sometime this year. I will be getting together with him soon to hammer out the details. Info will be presented when we know more.
  • Good of the Order
    • Bill Tyson (TreeHugger) passed away last year. His grandson inherited his 80-Series and would like to be involved with the club.
    • Isaiah Horton and wife Katie are looking to get back into a wheeler! He is fixing cars and doing some fabrication projects to fund it. If anyone needs any repairs/mods/fab work done, he has ~8yrs experience and is available @ $30/hr. The best way to get in touch with him is call or text 503-819-6009.
    • Scoot and Sam are due next Tuesday, Feb. 23rd! We are excited for our newest club member to make his arrival.
  • Adjournment – Time: 7:37pm
Missed this meeting.

Interested in contributing/signing up for membership even though I'm yet to have a cruiser. Where can I get the membership application? Ready to cash app.
Missed this meeting.

Interested in contributing/signing up for membership even though I'm yet to have a cruiser. Where can I get the membership application? Ready to cash app.
Hi Ross,

If you would like to PM me your email address, I would be more than happy to get an application out to you. To become a member, you would need to attend three meetings and two runs, then the club will vote on your membership. No money is due until you are voted in.

Thanks and good luck with your Cruiser hunt!
Hey @CreeperSleeper, I forget. Does the three meetings and two runs start over each calendar year? I need to re-member myself (don't make it dirty).
In your case, you just need to pay and fill out the application since you are a non-active member.
April 2021 Club Meeting

  • Call to Order – Time: 7:18pm
  • Introductions (roll call): In person- Chad & Amy Holznagel, Mike Smith, Gary Kipp, Jeff Meek, Dan & Pam Hofer; Virtual- None (due to technical difficulties)
  • Treasurer’s Report: Cash box $396.03 – Account $8793.93.
  • TLCA Delegate Report: None
  • Correspondence
    • Airplane Hill update: There has been no contact from ODF. The trail is still planning on being open and we will have a work party early summer for tree trimming, etc.
    • Cruisin’ the Woods update:
      • Brian Carrier should have the EventBrite set up and running by 5/1.
      • Raffle: Members will still be responsible for at least one raffle prize on there own (can be donated by 3rd party) and Mike will be breaking up the contact list for everyone to do their part.
  • Old Business
    • Winch raffle – The winner was JD Evans! Mike is still trying to get in contact with him.
    • Club Swag – Pre-order form has been emailed out. Gary is going to send a second email with a pre-order deadline of 4/23.
    • Ham Base Station: It is completed! Thanks to Mike and his Aunt! It was approved that OTC can use the base station at their event. Mike will plan a “dry run” with it so that the operators will know how to use it.
    • Winching and Recovery class: Still no word from Scoot, but with the new baby that is to be expected. Will table for now.
  • New Business
    • Oregon Trophy Challenge – June 4-6: This is a club sponsored event that Gary is running. He asks for club members to help as volunteers for the event. All information can be found on OTC’s Facebook page or contact Gary directly.
    • This month’s activity is a work party. Please talk to Cody if you are interested in joining.
    • The Board of Directors will try to make next month’s meeting totally in person and at a more centralized location.
  • Good of the Order - None
  • Adjournment – Time: 8:05pm
May 2021 Club Meeting

  • Call to Order – Time: 7:04pm
  • Introductions (roll call):
    • Members present- Chad Holznagel, Jeremy Cox, Gary Kipp, Cody Brooks, Mike Smith, Ally Tudor, and Dan & Pam Hofer
    • Guest present- Mike Simpson, Marshal, and Tom
  • Treasurer’s Report: Cash box $396.03 – Account $8,793.93
  • TLCA Delegate Report: Nothing to report
  • Correspondence
    • Airplane Hill update:
      • Work party will be scheduled by next meeting. It will be a small clean-up effort (no equipment). Gary will post up about it in Club Chat and Chad will post in the Forums.
      • ODF may be handling all of the equipment and material for the re-build.
    • Cruisin’ the Woods update:
      • Pricing has been set at $20 Fri, $55 Sat, or $65 for both.
      • Style Motors committed to sponsoring our food again this year and Ashley will be cooking.
      • We may have a sponsor for the shirts, Jeremy will keep us posted.
      • Bones will be sponsoring a Friday run with swag and dinner for everyone. Because of that, there will be no day of registration for their Fri run.
      • Route planning has been taken over by Jeremy and Gary.
      • Brian will have the EventBrite up and running by 6/1.
      • Ally committed to doing registration again this year.
      • Ham club would like to come and run communications for us again.
      • Mike is working on making a script and list of businesses for members to contact for raffle.
  • Old Business
    • Winch raffle – The winner has been contacted and got the winch. Mike is still trying to contact Mary to get the money to her.
    • Club Swag – Gary is still getting all the numbers together and will be ordering in a few weeks.
    • Ham Base Station:
      • Oregon Trophy Challenge still using it.
      • Mike will schedule a “dry run” to make sure everything is working.
    • Winching and Recovery class: Scoot may be taking a break from the club. The class will still happen, but it may look different. Chad will now spearhead.
    • Oregon Trophy Challenge – June 4-6:
      • 6 teams have paid with a 7th possible.
      • Looks like the raffle is up to $4000.
      • BOD voted for Cascade Cruisers to take on a more active role with the event next year.
    • By-Law changes: These are still in effect, but there is nothing new as of yet.
  • New Business
    • BOD voted on a slight change for club events: One of the two members need to be on the board. We will sign up a BOD and backup for all the events for the rest of the year.
    • BOD voted and approved that all money not earmarked for something else needs to go to this year’s CTWs raffle. This will be for this year only, but the goal is for club money to go back to the club, not sit in an account.
    • This month’s activity is a trail run! Meeting at Chevron in North Plains at 8am or Little Browns at 8:30am.
  • Good of the Order
    • Gary will be planning a Steens Mt loop trip. Information will be coming.
    • Motion to lower Airplane Hill budget and move it to raffle by Mike. We will shelf until we get a commitment from ODF.
  • Adjournment – Time: 8:05pm
7/15/21 July Meeting Minutes

Brian, Dan&Pam, Cody, Jeremy&Cami, Anthoni&Bre, Ally, John, Steve, Clint, Chris

Past Events
Cody's Trail Run postponed due to trail closure
Steve- working & overlanding
(Missed a lot at this point due to toddler face planting on a concrete retaining wall 😬 , thank you Pam for helping with the notes)
Pistons Wild poker run- several members attended, trails were closed, all on gravel roads, fun event

1st big raffle item was donated-winch
Hawaiin food for Saturday night
Fri night Bones will do burgers & hotdogs & karaoke

Upcoming Events
Club Run- moved to Coffee & Cars @ Langers Farms

Treasurer Report-
$800 OTC entry
Exp -$540

3 applications filled out at meeting
August 2021 Meeting Minutes
  1. Call to Order – Time: 7:10pm
  2. Introductions (roll call):
    1. Members present- Chad Holznagel, Dan Hofer, Ally Tudor, Cody Brooks, Jeremy Cox, Bubba Tesky, and Anthony Molgaard
    2. Guests present- Jim Hartley, John ?? (Missed his last name.)
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Account $6,249.46
  4. TLCA Delegate Report: Nothing much to report. Last meeting focused on Rubithon.
  5. Correspondence
    1. Airplane Hill update: Things are still progressing. Unfortunately, Jamaal is no longer the ODF contact, so Gary is starting the process over with Reid.
    2. Cruisin’ the Woods update:
      1. Raffle (notes from Mike): Including the Ironman4x4 purchase, the raffle should be above average in regards to retail value.
        1. Mike is currently waiting on Ironman4x4 to approve the items we will be purchasing. The guy who is in charge of that is out of town, but Bubba has been on top of communicating with Mike.
        2. MEMBER RAFFLE PRIZES- Just a reminder that we voted on all members bringing a raffle prize. Mike asks that you either hang onto the item until the event, or contact him to work out getting it to him.
        3. RAFFLE LISTS- Hopefully everyone has been reaching out to the businesses on the lists Mike gave you for raffle donations. If you got items donated, please let Mike know who and what so that we can make sure to promote them during the raffle.
      2. Facebook Posts: Event posts are being auto-generated by Facebook. There should be three per week to include urging pre-registration. Please share and cross post! That is the best way to continue to get the word out.
      3. Shirts will be ordered early next week.
      4. Jeremy is not concerned about the fire danger and thinks the trails will be open, however there is a gravel route planned as the backup. Unless ODF cancels the event due to COVID, the event will go as planned.
      5. Ally and Brian are taking care of registration and it’s covered.
      6. Jeremy has all of the checkpoints covered
        1. Checkpoint 1 – Chad
        2. Checkpoint 2 – Gary
        3. Checkpoint 3 – Pistons Wild
        4. Checkpoint 4 – Bones Custom Creations
        5. Checkpoint 5 – Flat Broke
        6. Checkpoint 6 – Scott
        7. Checkpoint 7 – Ally
      7. Food will be catered by Iolani’s Plate Lunch and is being paid in full by Mike Vu and Wee Farms, LLC
      8. Dan and Tyler are handling Tech and will sweep
      9. Ham club is coming up again to handle communications
      10. ODF has approved our application and insurance
      11. Online registration will be closed on 9/15
      12. Directions are printed and ready to go. Each checkpoint will give the next map to the participants as they leave the checkpoint.
      13. Bags will be stuffed Wednesday night before the event up at camp
      14. Dan will be ordering the trophies next week
      15. Help will be needed Friday night to set up the tent and Saturday night or Sunday morning to take it back down.
      16. We need to be super diligent with policing trash in the event area. This is every club member’s and volunteer’s job!
      17. Friday run – Chad will be making routes & will set up a group chat for volunteers.
        1. Easy run – departs at 9am – Anthony lead & Ally gunning
        2. Med run 1 – departs at 9:15am – Jeremy lead & Cody gunning
        3. Med run 2 – departs at 9:30am – Chad lead & Bubba gunning
        4. Hard run – departs 9:45am – Bones to lead and gun
  6. Old Business
    1. Club Swag
      1. Gary has the stickers ready
      2. Gary is waiting on the artwork for the hats
      3. No update yet on the shirts
    2. Winching and Recovery class – Chad has done nothing yet and it will probably be scheduled for the spring. The thought is to work with Ironman.
    3. By-Law changes: These are still in process. Chad has put a pin in it until after CTWs.
    4. Club Run Report: Cars & Coffee @ Langers Farms – Ally and Jeff attended. Good event area with lots of rigs, but it was short. The next Cars & Coffee with an Overland theme will be October 2nd.
  7. New Business
    1. This month’s Club Run: Work party. Contact Cody if interested.
  8. Good of the Order
    1. Chad & Mike did an “ultimate adventure” style trip to Rubicon.
    2. Dan was on the pit crew for an Ultra 4 race in Sturgis, finished 5th
    3. Bubba is starting to plan a trip to Moab for Cruise Moab 2022. There is a Facebook chat for those who are interested. Contact him if you would like to be involved.
    4. Ironman is in their new location and will be having an Open House event. Details will follow.
  9. Adjournment – Time: 7:55pm
February Meeting 2.17.2022

Brian, Chad, Mike, Jeremy&Cami, Ally&Ben, Cody, Gary, Dan
Guest- Gary 97' Lexus, Erin HZJ74, Brian&Jenny

Past Business
Skipped treasurers report & TLCA recap
TLCA member in good standing form was submitted-Ally
Brian reached out to TLCA to have them update website listed for cascade cruisers, have attempted to have it corrected several times in the past
-Transitioning into an association vs business
-Chad stepped down as president, will need interim president to serve remaining 1yr term

TLCA delegate
*Cody (nom Chad)​
*Gary (nom self)​
*Mike (nom self)​
*Cody (nom Chad)​
*Erins daughter​
*Ally w/ ASS. Brian (nom ally&brian)​
Vice President
*Cody (nom Chad)​
*Gary (nom self)​
President 1yr term
*Cody (nom Chad)​
*Mike (nom Dan)-Declined​

Final Elected
TLCA del-Mike
Secretary- Ally ASS. Brian
VP- Gary

Board meeting will need to be scheduled

Upcoming Events
-Work party- Garys house on Sat., anytime after 9am
-Poss. trip to Rim Butte sometime in July
-Dan poss. going to a few more races working pit for John Matthews #4580, Montana, Prairie City, Utah

Good of Order
Clubs name was kept registered
Brian, Chad, Mike, Jeremy&Cami, Cody, Ally
John Hughes (94' Tacoma)
Bill (04' GX470)

Shirts are done, but not paid or picked up yet
BLM looking into closing trails in Moab
-Moab trip next year, so we can go before closing
-Cody to post link on FB for petition

CTW 1st annual camp trip next weekend
-Camping at stagecoach

Sat Run
Meeting at 9am at little browns

Good of Order
Brian's Bday
TLCA doing another run of their grill badges
Brian to get married before next meeting

Cody, Jeremy, Brian, Dan, Ally, Tyler
Blaine (15cars, guy can talk)
Missed name (79' pickup)

Treasury Report

Past Events
Work Parties- had 2
After run we will have more work parties
Have run planned for March
XMAS tree Run planned Dec 11th
Sat club run
-Little browns @9am, plan to have easy run & hard run
-Need to go to airplane Hill & close trail

Cody, Jeremy, Mike, Brian, Dan, Gary, Seth, Jason, David, Scott

Treasury Report


Old Business
New Business
-Work party @ Mikes house Sat
Mike & Cody's trucks to be done
26th TSF/ODF event 12-3:30

Club run next month
-9:30 @ little browns
-Need Lead/Tail for easy run
Tillamook air museum interested in doing cruise in
Buying a 2nd Banner- wasn't able to hear info about buying banner

Ally, Brian&Chelsea, Jeremy, Gary, Dan, Cody, Mike, Seth&Alice, Chad
Timothy (100series)
Dave (80series)
Kit (jeep)
John (60series)
Thomas (95'tacoma)

Treas Report
Spent $296.91
Nothing exciting

Old Business
-Mike's working on transmission
-Coffee&Cars Brian went

Future Events
-work party this weekend
-June 17th club run

Discussion about making trails better & more maintainable and making a plan

Cody, Dan, Ally, Jeremy, Mike, Dave (ck pt3) Gary&Dana&kids, Brian, John&son, Justin,

-Need to go over locations
-ck points & whose responsible, HAM sign for each ck pt location
-yoana doing food after registration
- RTI ramp Poss to bring
-Jeremy&Chad to do Tech & Sweep
-75 bags made for swag, stickers 150
-Bubba Tesky Memorial Night Run
-Sat coffee, Allison to bring for Ally
-Friday Run Lead/Tail planned
-Mike made motion of splitting proceeds from CTW between..... x&y (has this been publicly announced yet?)
-Gary 2nd, Brian 3rd.
Motion passed

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