meet my dirty little (Diva)!!!!

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Congrats Ron. I'm happy for you and can't wait to see progress.
That is what it was bought for...daily driver and wheeling...10 years old...time for her to get scratched, dirty, dusty and abused. 10 years for a Land Cruiser is like 25 years for a stripper....she is now broken in and of age and ready for the good stuff. LMAO
You know Fritz Holling's LC is the exact same as yours. I guess old men like it smooth and not ruff and tumble.

Look forward to see the truck progress. Maybe this will push Mike to get a 100 series finally
I found him one almost like mine in Lexington with fewer miles and just as well kept but he does not want to be a twin.....found him the burgandy one in Hilton Head..but he does not want USC colors....found him one in Atlanta but he does not have time.

closest he will get to a 100 this year before Fall is riding in mine :)

He will get something...he just is not decisive as I am...once I make my mind up I research it and do it. Making my mind up may take a while but once I do I am all about getting busy and finding it or completing it.
That truck is to nice to wheel.

It's "too" nice to wheel not "to" nice to wheel.
As a matter of fact I'm leaving Atlanta right now after looking at a Cruiser and on the way back I'm stopping ny Columbia too look at a LX that Ron just sent me.
You see Ron you are a lot older than me. I can't depend on my Social Security check just yet.
BTW, what did yall stand on before dirt was invinted?
You guys sound Luke a bunch of naggy wives.
July will be here quick... get those skids on before we go wheeling!!
Social Security check just yet.
BTW, what did yall stand on before dirt was invinted?
It's "invented" not "invinted!" ha! ha! LOL! Just breaking your balls.

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