Mechanics near Little Rock

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Sep 8, 2008
Nashville, TN
79coyotefrg recommended I post here so here goes ...

Hey Guys,

Wanted to say hello from Nashville Tennessee!

My father and I have been planning a big hiking trip down to Little Rock, Hot springs and then to Lake Ouachita around the 20th June.
I am in the process of getting all the 'small things' done on my 3B powered FJ60 in preparation for the trip.

But, in the event that I have a problem outside the realms of my mechanical skills (which is easy to do :p), can you guys recommend any trusted shops and or mechanics in the area I could take my cruiser too?

Cant wait to head down that way, it looks gorgeous from all the photo's ive seen :bounce:

On a side note ... should be heading to the GSMTR for a couple of days, any of you guys going to be there? It would be great to meet with you all and have a :beer: or 2!!
Come a little earlier and go to the Razprback Ramble in Hot Springs (first weekend in June).
Good dependable mechanic in North Little Rock would be Kittle's Garage 376-1519.
Gary Clough, RLC
Thanks for the info. Would LOVE to come a week earlier but im doing the GSMTR then my Dad arrives the 18th and we will be heading down that way for a week

Cant wait :bounce:

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