Mechanics near Little Rock

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Sep 8, 2008
Nashville, TN
Hey Guys,

Wanted to say hello from Nashville Tennessee!

My father and I have been planning a big hiking trip down to Little Rock, Hot springs and then to Lake Ouachita.
I am in the process of getting all the 'small things' done on my FJ60 in preparation for the trip.

But, in the event that I have a problem outside the realms of my mechanical skills (which is easy to do :p), can you guys recommend any trusted shops and or mechanics in the area I could take my cruiser too?

Cant wait to head down that way, it looks gorgeous from all the photo's ive seen :bounce:
Any takers?
I'll be heading down that way in a month from now.

Any of you guys going to be at the GSMTR?

Would be good to meet you all!

wow, not a lot of people jumping in here :rolleyes:

when you get here just holler out on ArTTORA, Arkansas Chapter - TTORA Forum there's a couple guys locally that work on cruisers on the west side of little rock and several guys that would be happy to help :wrench:
I will do that, thank you!
Hey Dan, sorry that no one got back to you. I have been out of town and haven't been on Mud. Most of the club members are located in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. I'm not sure if anyone from the club is going to the GSMTR, if so we will look you up.
Transmisssion-ATR IN LITTLE ROCK. Mechanic, George-corner of Johnson and Markham in Little Rock. MIke
I agree that Razorback Landcruisers would be a better source for helping you. As Marty stated, we are mostly in the springfield area.

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