Mechanical temp gauge install - where to put the lead

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Sep 6, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT
I just had my cluster updated with autometer gauges - went mechanical. For anyone who has installed a mechanical temp gauge, where did you put the lead? I pulled the two current temp leads and the holes are too shallow for the autometer lead (threads are all right, but hole is not deep enough to allow for this to install). Is there another location others are using? Pictures would help if you can...

Thanks - Scott
You need that mechanical temp sender adapter that Auto Meter sells.

I think this is the part number that I have at the shop.

AUTO METER 2270 <---- this is a link

I will look in the AM when I get back to the shop and let you know.

If it stops raining/snowing, I will take a picture of where I have this on my 2F engine... :lol:

That is the part that I used on my truck.

Auto Meter 2270

You can pick it up from Summit ATM-2270

Ordered, thanks. Headed out of town for a few weeks, will post a picture of this when I get back for anyone in the future that does a search on this.
Promises, promises ....

I just posted yesterday in the "show your gauges" thread a pic of the finished mod I did to my 1HZ upper rad engine coupling. I had the same problem putting the sensor in the stock hole but there was enough wall inside that with a little patience and a round file I was able to remove enough material to make the new sensor fit. I have done this before on several engines with good success. Yours may not be exactly the same but you should be able to tell by lining it up on the outside to see.
I didn't know that part was available. Looks much better than what I made up. Thanks for the link.

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