Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge

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May 15, 2003
PO put a new mechanical oil pressure gauge when he did the V8 hack job of a conversion. He used the nylon line that comes with most gauges, and ran it thru the firewall without using the proper grommet (you know where this is going). :doh: I ended up with about a 1/2 quart of hot oil on my leg, pedals, inside of my dash, and stereo. It is also not an easy thing to repair on the road. Luckily, I had some plumbing supplies, tools, and a quart of oil in the truck with me.

If you have this nylon line I highly recomend throwing it out, and choosing the alternative copper line (a little noisy), or the more expensive stainless steel braided (prefered). I've had this happen to me before, and I actually said I was gonna replace it the first time I saw it. :whoops: Do yourself a favor and change it before you end up wearing a quart oil.
Spare line and the old stock sending unit stay in my toolbag. Can't be too prepared. ;)
Those stock cruiser gauges are, well....sorta accurate...I guess. I still prefer the mechanical
gauges. I'm checking my lines tomorrow! Better lines sounds like a capital idea.
good tip...I've got piles of that plastic junk in the garage, have always replaced it with the copper stuff.
If you're like me and the darn kids keep eating up the income you can cover the cheesy plastic line with rubber hose to protect it.
???Why don't you guys use electric gauges with sending units?
They don't have the full sweep of the mechanicals but seem safer and simpler.
I have the stainless line on mine. The plastic tubing looked like a mess waiting to happen. Can anyone tell me why my needle vibrates so much? Its in the correct operating range, but shakes 10psi +/-.
to smooth out the 10psi pressure swing you're seeing you could add a snubber... w/ nylon hose you get some flex that minimizes these pressure swings while stainless and copper line don't offer that. An alternative to a snubber is to add a needle valve where you are tapping in to oil supply and just crack it open until the pressure registers on the gauge and it should help control that swing... plus if you blow the line or the gauge you can just close the needle valve until a repair can be made.


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