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Jun 9, 2011
Looking for a reliable mechanic for the Clearwater, Florida area. Any recommendations???

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Dec 13, 2008
Too far from the shoreline, in beautiful WTF Flori
Good luck!:mad:

I've been asking the same question here for 2-3 years.
Seems there's a void of qualified 'yota techs in the area.

I really don't have the time or the tools to do a lot of the work I need/want to do on my truck, so I too needed a local person.

I've got my rig over at a friends shop in Clearwater now.
It's taken him a damned month to diagnose a distributor problem, and still doesn't have it fixed!!:mad:
He say's it'll be done by Tuesday or Wednesday.
As soon as it's running, it's the hell out of there!

I was given the name of a guy here in Tampa, that Northside 4x4 sends all their engine work to.
I've been doing business with Northside since I was in my late 20's, but got away from them on this rig.
I went by to reestablish my contacts and see what/who they recommended in the area.

I'm going to contact this guy on Tuesday and see if he has a clue?

If not, I'm probably just going to drive it down to Bubba's in Ft. Myers, (EUROTECH1986535 on the forum) and take the damned bus back to Tampa!

He's got his stuff together and from talking with him, found him to be a great guy.
And, he comes highly recommended here on MUD, so that's good enough for me!

Subscribed to see if anything new pops up here.

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