mechanic stole my money and parts, need help! 3FE engine parts missing

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Feb 15, 2022
Hey guys!

Long story short, my '91 Land cruiser overheated 3 hours away from my home, left it with a random mechanic and he stole my money, opened the engine and never fix s***, at the end he gave my car back with parts missing... :( a real nightmare.

This was before the stupid pandemic, now im finally putting it back together but my (now trusted) mechanic told me that im missing the plate or base where the steering pump, the A/C and maybe a tension pole uses, we can't continue to rebuild the engine until i get that part(s).

The thing is that i can't find even a picture of how that part (or even parts) look like, even less where to buy it.

Can you guys help me somehow? Im desperate here :(
Are you missing the brackets that mount the PS pump and AC compressor to the block??
I would suggest looking in the CLASSIFIEDS section for someone parting out a 91/92 FJ80.
I think we need to setup a tip jar for you today. Lots of 3fe post for some reason.

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