Mechanic recommendation near Lynden/Bellingham WA wanted (oil leak)

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Jan 25, 2009
Lynden, WA
I have a 96 FZJ80 with 188k miles with an oil leak (maybe leaks?). I changed the oil last week and there is a lot of oil on the underside of the cruiser. I don't dare park on people's driveways because it will leave a spot so I would like to get it fixed. I see a lot of you guys doing it yourselves but I just don't have the space and I would like it done right. Any of you have gaskets replaced etc by locals that you would recommend? Or any of you locals know your stuff/fixed same problem on yours and want to take a look and let me know what you think? It looks like there is oil seeping out of the top of the engine so I was thinking of starting at the top and working down until my leak disapeared. Talk to me!
cant say id be much help but your welcome to stop by the house and we can take a look at it

1FZ-FE motors usually start to leak in 3 places
the oil pump o-ring, the front crank seal and the front pan arch

Im in bellingham, cant say i know a good shop to help ya local but bull down south can help you out hes on this board
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I have not had any work done on my lx in b-ham but I do like Jake at jsport. He knows his stuff and is a lot less expensive than anyone else in the area. He is off the Guide between b-ham and lynden. Sometimes takes a little longer for him to get the job done, but it is done right and he seems like a very honest young man.

google Jsport, bellingham wa- for his address.
Let me know how it turns out, for I also have oil dripage.
Van Loos in Lynden works on mine and has a great Toyota trained mechanic. They're reasonable with their costs too.

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