mechanic for older 1985 2l-t head replacement in northeast pa.

Oct 15, 2021
northeast pa
Hi, I posted in 95 and older mini thread and moderator suggested here also. I have a 1987 Toyota Mastercraft RV that the former owner who was a diesel mechanic, now departed, installed a 1985 2l-t with 5 speed manual trans. It also has a Yanmar diesel generator. This unit is immaculate. Driving home from inspection I must have cracked a head as I have significant blow by. I would consider changing engine to later gen but am concerned about changing from mechanical fuel injection to electronic as I think later engines have and mating engine to 5 speed trans. I have basically zero experience with this motor and this is my first diesel. This has the old head and cannot be swapped for newer style with cam and valve body installed so everything would need to be swapped. Unit did not overheat on way home so should be derivable at least to some extent. I live in Allentown Pa. and am looking for a mechanic. I can buy head and gasket set. Would probably do new timing belt and water pump at same time. Rv has 80 k and do not know about motor. When I originally got this I thought at least I won't have to worry about the motor and of course it is the only thing that has failed. Even the original truck ac as well as roof ac are still fine with old refrigerant. I would consider pulling head myself but am working outside and not sure if I have some of the tools for like camshaft sprocket etc. I would also have to have the head done somewhere as I do not have enough experience with lapping grinding etc if necessary, although I did all that with a 6 cylinder Bmw I had years ago. I have basically worked on all my own cars but not to this extent. Consequently I do not know many mechanics let alone diesel mechanics and certainly not anyone with experience on these or this generation motor even though it is a pretty simple unit. I am looking for guidance on anyone that might be competent to do this job and or viable suggestions. Thanks

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