Meanie is for sale

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Sep 26, 2004
Commerce, Texas

Soon to be posted on Proffitts Cruisers Classifieds Section. See the LINK for the build-up thread. Meanie! | Proffitt's Cruisers Land Cruiser Restoration

See YouTube for Action Videos of Meanie. Click on "see all" under 3 photo's on the right. YouTube - russell461's Channel

See the site below for more pics.

Since the Proffits build-up....added Cromolly Front Axles (inners & outers w/ superjoints), Tom Woods Drive Lines (front & rear), Rear Winch, Seat Covers (for traveling). Rig comes with brand new IROC mounted on rockcrawler wheel.

32' Gooseneck Hauler Trailer SOLD ***SOLD***SOLD


2007 Black Chev. 1-ton Dually Crew Cab, 6.6 Ltr Diesel PU w/ Allison Auto is for sale. Extra Clean, 40k miles, 2WD, Turnover Ball Hitch, LineX Bedliner, Window Eyebrows, Nerf Bars, 70 gallon auxilliary diesel tank, 6-disc CD, Tilt/Cruise/, doors, both front heated seats, Elect. Moon Roof, Grey Leather Interior, BullyDog Tripple Dog, Brake Controller, Heavy-duty floor mats. $33,000 OBO

I'm keeping BIG TEX & buying a 1/2 ton PU for towing 1-rig trailer & smoker.
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I'm keeping BIG TEX & buying a 1/2 ton PU for towing 1-rig trailer & smoker.

You'll be cussing the 1/2 ton for towing Big Red.........
Jimbro towed his huge Tj with a 1500 Suburban.

He just put it in D and wound it out to 5000RPM all the time.

It was fine...he was beat up when he got where he was going, but hell, you live close to all the trails you wheel so you will be fine.
Meanie is sold !!!!!

Meanie headed back to Colorado. New owner (Randy Rosetta) spotted it on Proffitts site and is buying it for his wife ! He already had a Proffitts Cruisers rig so he was familiar with the workmanship. Sounds like it is heading back to Proffitts for some upgrades (Getting rid of the TEXAS hood painting :frown: and possibly adding a small rear seat for a grandchild.

Russell A. :clap:

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