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Nov 25, 2013
Granbury, Texas
I don't push these often enough but these lights are one of my favorite Mean Mother items we sell and I have a set I use in our expo canopies for a couple of my businesses including, of course, U.S. Off Road. Great for camping or any outdoor activities.

They are magnetic which makes things easy for mounting but you can also use some simple clamps (I have some velcro straps too) or even zip ties if you want.

What's really cool is you can daisy chain these together too! They have end clamps to simply clamp on to a battery (usually my FJ or an extra) or you can plug in to a cig lighter/powerport and being LED will run for many hours....I've never run a battery dry before the end of the night. Check them out, we have a few on the shelf right now.

Mean Mother 12V LED Camp Light Kit

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