me pyro yarr!

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Nov 2, 2006
Calgary AB
Just finished the install of my new pyrometer.:D Its a digital unit from redline gauges. it has 4 thermo couple inputs, i used the first for egt, plan on taping the thermostate cover for a coolant temp. right now its just in the engine compartment so it got me thinking i should use a third for outside temp. i will try to get some pics this weekend.

i was able to get my temp up to 800 post turbo, seems a bit low. however im going to nelson this weekend and i plan on taking the highest pass in bc:eek: so we will see how she fairs. im a bit concerned about my future fuel milage, it seems i have been driving quite conservitivly, only geting temps between 400-500. :cheers:
Put one probe pre turbo and the other post turbo. Might make for interest.

Nice looking pyro. $$ though. But I'm sure it will be nice having all that info in one gauge.
holy shmoly! i would use the fourth for something like transmission temp or cylinder head, and do 1 pre and 1 post turbo.
That thing is expensive, i bought a cheapo in comparison to that, although yours looks top end quality and has 4 thermocouples.
what is the heat range for each thermocouple. they may be for hot engine temps like exhaust or combustion chamber, and not give as acurate of a reading for lower temps such as post turbo air temp. but it is a pretty expensive looking unit so i could be wrong.
the unit only displays -99 up to +1999 celsius or fahrenheit, but the thermocouples sat from -346 up to +2501 fahrenheit. seems pretty good.
Congrats Johnny! That's a sweet instrument.

Can we see some installed pics?

im looking for th cord to hook my camera up to my comp.

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