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Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
OK, riding the trails Thurs. evening and cranking hard to get up a hill and broke my chain. No Biggie right? Bought a new chain and was putting it on and noticed when the chain became unraveled it broke 4 spokes. crap. pulled the broken spokes out and checked the gears and they are not shifting correctly. I took a crash course on front derailleur tuning and did exactly what the video said and wah lah. Bikes f'ed up. It will not go in the smaller sprocket so I can adjust the cable or anything.
What the video said was to put the chain on the lg sprkt in rear and small in frt, loosen the cable and adjust low screw to get approx 2mm distance of chain from rail then tension cable and reattach cable. OK, took bike for ride and first few adjustments going from lo to hi gear it appeared to be ok and then it just quit working. The way it is now is if I have the chain on mid sprkt frt and rr everything appears to be lined up but there is alot of slack in the cable and I cannot get an allen wrench to it to loosen or tighten it.
Did I not tighten the cable enough? Is there a site I can go to for more help?
What do I do from here? I really hate to spend 75 bux for a tune up but may have to.


Make sure your derailers aren't jacked up..it's easy to bend one, and it sounds like you might have tweaked it from your description.
ended up that the front derailleur was jammed somehow but with alot of WD 40 and elbow grease I worked it loose and then ended up stripping the damned screw that secures the cable. SO, what to do next? find a replacement 8spd? or upgrade to?
did you strip the screw or the threaded hole the screw fits into? A replacement front derailleur shouldn't be more than $50 or so. If it's just the screw you should be able to find a replacement at the hardware store, etc. Or for small bicycle parts try Loose Screws Bicycle Small Parts Bicycle Parts for the Home Mechanic or search through the quality bicycle parts catalog on Harris cycles: Quality Bicycle Products Special Order Catalog - harriscyclery.net

I would not ride the bike with four broken spokes, though. It might be best to bite the bullet and take your bike into a shop. upgrading from 8spd to something newer is going to cost more than a tune up and repair.
Nah, the screw is fine, its the damned threaded plate that stripped. Gonna go by my LBS to see what they have. Probably gonna upgrade from a 8 spd, get the spokes replaced yada yada yada..
If you broke spokes sounds like the rear der. tab of der. itself is bent. Possible the der. went into the spokes, pulled tight and broke chain. Sometimes when chain breaks, gets wrapped up around front der. and bends the heck out of it also. Make sure the shop checks the rear der. tab.
Probably gonna upgrade from a 8 spd, get the spokes replaced

An 8-speed will shift better than a 9-speed. Lots of people don't consider it an upgrade at all. 8-speed chains are cheaper too. The front derailler is the same for 8 and 9 speed. That little plate is available from QBP. Just have them replace it for you.
I guess this goes along the lines of "replace it all while your in there" lesson. Last year I was riding and jammed my rear D on a fairly large rock and broke the hanger. Ever since then the D didn't quite work as well but it did continue to function. I ended up replacing sprockets on the rear,new chain and tune up. Then I hit a tree and jammed the shifter up pretty good which kept the front D from operating correctly so I had that fixed and the front D checked for operational procedures. Now this with the chain break taking out alot of components so, I guess if your doing work on any part of your mechanical conponents you may as well tune or replace because the weaker component next in line seems to break while your 2 miles out. sux walking back
You don't mention brand/grade of components are on your MB. Shimano and SRAM are out with 10 speed gear at least in their mid to upper end components so you may be able to find good prices on 9 speed components. Eight speed is still out there but it is getting harder to find the full range of replacement parts. Talk to a LBS mechanic and ask him/her where the best value/price point is for the grades of components (they see what breaks and what holds up on a daily basis) and be willing to mix component grades if they are compatible. One of the best PM procedures is to replace you chain early rather than later which is much cheaper then rings, etc.

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