Mercedes MB OM617 Dont buy the expensive stuff!

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Jan 14, 2016
central Pa USA
I just thought I would through this out there. Dont believe the hype about fuel injector return lines. Everyone says "you have to run OEM braided line" and all other lines you buy locally will fail and not fit etc.. Now I am only speaking from my own personal experience so take this with a grain of salt. The rumors are false....quite opposite actually. I was dumb and spend around $25 on MB fuel injector return line kit...... Within about 6 months I had several leaks and the ends of the lines were cracking and leaking all over the place. for the next few months I would cut a little bit off the ends as the leaks would develop. Then I decided to try some of the forbidden line from the hardware store. My local store carried neon yellow translucent fuel line for chainsaws. It said "oregon" but was made by a company called Tygon or something like that. Long story short. It fit perfect and cost me $2.50 a foot. And most importantly has already outlasted the expensive "good" stuff. Plus its cool because its clear so you can see the fuel pulsing through the lines.

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