May trip ?

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Nov 6, 2007
Edmonton, AB
Just throwing this out there, I was wondering if anyone was interested in going wheeling in May? May long would be a nice weekend to do a day trip, or even a camping trip somewhere in the bush.

I know the guys with the families will probably have to opt out, due to family plans. If we can find another weekend to do it on, I could try that too.
Only problem is that I'd like to have my front end rebuilt when I do the disk-brake conversion before any trips happen. And that all depends on when I get the parts from Eastern Canada.
Tell me what you think.

May long would be good for me, it I get some stuff done on schedule.... Camping would be nice, haven't had a good fire since last summer.
i'll be finished school a week from today, always in for camping. i want to go west of nordegg/cresent falls sometime. i am aggreeable on a desitation and i am sure others know better places then me.
john did a good job as tour guide last time...
Cool. Yeah nordegg is a great place. Even just exploring some cutlines along forestry trunk road, would be interesting.
A day in of driving, sleep and a day back out ?
we are planning on a trip up here north to the sand dunes. We'll be scouting it out in a week or so to see if they can be reached. The area is know as six lakes and is likely a 3 hour drive north of fort mac. Cool area though. Should be some real good fishing available if we can hit the lakes.
I think my locker finally showed up today..... Dunes would be a good way to test it out I suppose....
Its still not confirmed that they are accesable. I think they will be but most people are saying ATV only....I'll head that way soon to look for myself.
turns out my birthday happens on may-long this year, so i will be doing something of a camping/wheeling nature. if i don't hear of a party worth crashing i will probably head west of nordegg.
sounds like coastal cruisers have a trip planned. anyone into heading west?
Sun or Mon of the long would work, tied up on the sat..... Am in for a day run just about anytime after the long weekend (Moving before then).... Camping would have to be planed, but could make something happen.....
A day trip may work for me.
My super-compressed 3 week spring course consists of an exam after long weekend :( .
So no overnighters for me until I'm done those classes! :mad:
I see the NA4WDA club has a run planned for May long, I keep meaning to join there club just hasn't happened yet. Looks like they are heading out for the whole weekend, might be worth contacting them see what there plans are, I am sure we could join them for the weekend.


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