May need a new clutch MC but what the #$&#?

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Nov 16, 2004
Oceanside, CA (Fire Mountain)
When the cruiser (73 FJ40) sits for a week or so the clutch won't disengage enough to shift, but after it warms up no problems. There's no fluid leaking at the firewall or from the master or slave cylinders. Anybody heard of this? Any ideas before I replace the master and slave?
have you tried a simple flush? might just be the fluid
OK, bleeding/flushing didn't do a thing. When it sits for a while the pedal pushes farther than it should before getting resistence but once I drive it for a little while the pedal seems to be in the correct adjustment range. There are no leaks and I'm not losing fluid anywhere. I'm considering adjusting the pedal but am afraid once it warms up it will be way out of adjustment. Any other ideas?


The adjustment should be made at slave cylinder. Also check the adjustment of the rod at the pedal, just in case some PO screwed it up. It should just be touching the master piston when the slutch pedal is all the way up. If the pedal rod is too long, it won't have enough stroke.
Just a heads up, I'm switching to a th350 and am willing to sell the clutch mc (I've got a 73 fj40) to keep the clutter down in the garage. Shoot me a PM if your interested.
Sometimes a rebuild kit can be had when a cylinder cannot...and sometimes a rebuild is all you need...
If a P.O. screwed it up that'd be me (DOH!) as I've had it for the last 10 years. Thanks for the adjustment tip, and as for the rebuild I've been down that road and I haven't had as much success... I'm up for bolt on peace of mind. Thanks for the offer Chemist, I think I'm gonna go new if I can't get the adjustment to help. I appreciate everyone's 2 cents.

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