May meeting

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Mar 3, 2003
Albuquerque, NM
it is coming up this saturday and we need a host. anyone willing?
If the weather is decent, let's take it to a park or something. Of course the wind might be killer...
Park sounds good to me. Anyone know a good one central to town?

Fingers crossed for weather....
sorry, I got off track this week. OT yesterday and I delivered a baby on a call, so the meeting totally slipped my mind. :eek: :grinpimp:

looks to be windy again tomorrow. I can host again if we have nobody volunteering. 6pm. I have a karate tournament with Brock in the am.
I expect roll over videos and Moab pics!:D
I expect roll over videos and Moab pics!:D

I can bring a stick with more pics. As far as video, there are at least three in existence. I've seen all three now, but only one has been publicly made available. I keep hoping to hear from Jodi who shot great video from below.
ok, 6pm today! anyone planning to make it?

and if you have pics and video on a laptop or something, bring an hdmi cable, my tv has a hook up for hdmi and usb.
Hi Shawn -

We'll be there.

E & E
I'll be there. USB stick in tow.
I'll be there. USB stick in tow.

I don't know if the tv will read a thumb drive. never tried. i was thinking hook up a laptop. is that what you meant?
small meeting, but very fun. no business conducted.

next meeting at Evan and Ellen's first Saturday of June.
Wanted to come but worked late and the fam just wasn't up for it. :frown:

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