May be gettin an 80 in the family!

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
As many of you know I have been reading and contributing everyonce in awhile to the 80 series forum, despite not owning an 80 series, I am very interested in them because to me they are the most recently made 4x4 that is able to be wheeled without extensive custom work (swapping in SFA etc). My dad would also like to have an 80 in the family, we have been scanning the paper and SUV trader for an 80 94+ with locking diffs. We finally found one yesterday, a 94, with locking diffs. The owner bought a Sequoia to replace it because he needed more room. The 80 is in impeccable condition, has had birfield repack done every 60k miles, only problem the owner has ever had is the starter going out at 70k miles, replaced by dealer with a new one.
Engine light will come on intermittently without reason and go away, has been doing it for several years. The only other problem he said, was that it will use a half a quart of oil between changes, he doesn't believe its burning it. He said that once he had the oil changed and they overfilled it, he didn't know and drove it for a week before he checked it, then he drained and refilled properly. He said after that incident it would use a half a quart between changes. He didn't wheel it, he bought it new with lockers because he is an architect and would have to drive it on muddy construction sites. Has had A/C checked and was fine, never had to have it recharged. The engine looked new, cloth interior was in good shape, transmission was very very tight, has had it serviced at recommended intervals. I thought it was a dream come true.
Heres the catch: He wants $11.8k, it has 183k miles. My dad does realize that it hasn't had any problems other than starter, and the incredible quality with which these trucks are built, but he has a hard time paying that much for a car with nearly 200k miles. However, I really mean it when I say that if you covered up the odo you would think it was less than a year old.
How much would you pay for it?
And heres another scenario, the guy would probably flat out trade me it for my 40, which I bought for $6250 and have put approx. $2500 into since buying. Would I be getting the shaft in that trade? If I did that I would go buy another 40 with a rough body for a trail only rig.
Sorry for the long post, I would really like some thoughts on worth, and that 1/2 quart of oil. I would really like to join the ranks of 80 series owners, and this is a good cruiser, just need some help deciding if this is the one.
Power seats? Who cares.

decent stereo? Who cares.

lockers? Ooh.

Functional A/C in the Deep Southern Sweat Box? Oh nice!

Possible trip to CO to visit the good Mr. Slee? Hmmm...

I think it's a good trade for you. There are two big downsides in my book. 1) loss of the 40 nostaligia-- it is after all one of the coolest rigs ever. 2) It's a bit more complicated to wrench on yourself.
However, as I recall from some of your posts, you haven't exactly been gentle on your rig. This may be a golden op to start on a fresh slate.
Whichever cruiser you decide on, remember this thing will likely have to get you through college. Each has some big advantages and some big draw backs.

Good luck.


I just got one of our club members hooked up with a 96 80 series with 118,000 miles. It as leather guts and all of the toys with the exception of diff locks. He paid a touch over 12 Grand for it. I think the fellow that has the vevicle that you are looking at is a bit optomistic.
Edit: Cdan you beat me. Ok I think he is too. Tomorrow I am going to try him at 9k, I was the first to inquire and its just taking up space in his driveway now so maybe he will be flexible. Thanks.
Thanks for the reply.
This 80 wouldn't necessarily be mine. If we bought it, it would be a 4th car until we figured out who would get it. My mom has a Suburban with 170k miles and its about the biggest POS ever, and she doesn't need something that big anymore, but shes scared of the miles the 80 has. My dad has a '96 bronco with 70k miles that runs beautifully but hes ready to sell it before it depreciates much more. And if I traded my 40 for it, I would drive it and buy another 40 either as a trail only rig or give one of my parents the 80 and buy another 40 for me. Basically what I'm concerned about is if I flat out trade then is that Cruiser really worth the ~9k I have in my 40? If you were in my shoes would you trade, try to get him to come down on his price to about 9 (what my dad is willing to pay) or is 11.8k a fair price?
P.S. If It was flat out between the 40 and the 80 I would keep my 40. Theres no way I will not have a 40 for as long as I can see in the future. I would like to have an 80 as a DD/Tow rig. Light wheeling maybe.
80 elders-Cdan, Beo, Photo what do you think its worth and what would you do?
That would be a tough trade 40 for an 80. I like the 40's cuz their classic and are a lot less complex than the 80's. If I were you I'd keep the 40. Also about the oil. I've got the same problem except mine takes a little more oil. I'm not quite sure why it's losing oil. There are never any drips in the drive way and it's not burning it soo. After I changed mine I put 8qts to start with then I think I must have add 2 more quarts in a 1 1/2 month interval. My '93 has I guess around 184k now. I'm thinking that some seals must be getting loose and letting out a little bit of oil. Anyways, hope you get that 80. In personal opinion it's the aall-around best off-roader for some years now.
for 9 it sounds like a decent deal. I wouldnt trade your 40 for it, cause you know it well. theres bound to be things your going to need to work on on the 80 as with any used car you buy. the 94 is still depreciating but your 40's worth shouldnt go down too much.
seems junk had a friend that picked up a 94 or 93 for 7,000 recently.
I think if you look youll be able to find one for under 9,000, might have to travel and be patient.
if you do get it, find out what the check engine light code is to make sure its not a problem
Since the guy is willing to trade for the 40, he is not selling the 80 because he is in need of the cash. He does, however have a 10 year old truck with 183,000 miles taking up space in his driveway. Keep your 40, you'll be kicking yourself in the future if you trade it. His asking price is "pie in the sky". With 183,000 miles, 99.9% of the public would not be interested. That leaves an extremely small portion of "informed" buyers who know what they want and know what they are getting.

Do get the major sytems checked by a qualified mechanic. If it checks out, offer him a lot less than his asking price. With patience, and him realizing that no one else is beating down his door, I bet you'll end up with the truck for a lot less than he is asking.

Good luck,

Steve 94' 110,000
STLCRSR-My dad and I were beginning to think the same thing, especially considering he didn't list the miles in the ad. He thinks my dad and I aren't serious about it. I have decided to not trade my cruiser for it because I have as much if not more in my 40 than that 80 is worth. My gameplan is to ask him about having my mechanic look it over, and then make him an offer around 8-8.5k. See what he says, and if the answer is no, then I will let him sit for awhile. ;) and try him again. I think anything under 9k would be a good price and under 10 would be fair. Am I right?
Edit: Also, the guy said he hasn't used the difflocks in 3 years, so when I go to my mechanics (who lives on a dirt road) I'm thinking I will try out those difflocks and if they stick I can use that to yank his price down a little :D
Since he didn't advertise the mileage in the add, have as many friends that you know call him and either hang up or tell him they are not interested when he tells them the mileage. Believe me, this tactic works! Watch out for caller ID though, use *67.

Good Luck,

Steve, Steve, Steve,

I can't believe you would suggest such a thing. ::)

How many miles on yours? :D
[quote author=stlcruiser link=board=2;threadid=3632;start=0#msg26686 date=1058213240]Watch out for caller ID though, use *67.

Whats that *67 thing? I guess it prevents someone from seeing your number on their caller id? That is a pretty neat idea, although I hope I don't have to revert to it. :eek:

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