May 26th Trail Run?

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Sep 13, 2006
Olympia, WA
My wife and daughter are taking off for the weekend so that leaves the boys home alone... :bounce::bounce2:

We want to be on the trail somewhere in Western WA, any ideas? Anyone want to join us?
Naches doesn't open until July 16th...:frown:
Naches Closed? Do you know where it is closed at? We have a pretty large group that was planning to head up to the Buck Meadows area and camping thought the weekend, accessing it though Taneum Cr
I just spoke to both the Cle Elum and Naches Ranger Stations and was told that the Camping sites are closed but they are rushing to be cleared for Mem. Day. There is still many felled trees and some snow in N. facing heavly treed areas-snow level @ 4,000 some say higher. Open camping is allowed. Our plans will continue, I-90 up Taneum Cr. Rd. to Buck Meadows area and go from there? More of a camping trip but there will be some wheeling
My understanding is that the Naches Trail is closed from November 15th thru July 15th every year. I'll look into the details and post an update later this evening...
I was up the 73 road yesterday there was a lot of downfall and a couple big boulders in the road, but it looked like they were making some progress on getting it passable. There was too much snow to continue between 4000 and 4500 ft. I haven't been up the 70 road in a while, but 3 weeks ago the snow burm was still pretty good sized at the snow park.
I have calls in to both the 4x4 Ranger and the head of clearing(?) Ranger to see exactly what IS passible-and also if we can do any help? Like I said, both the Naches and Cle Elum Ranger stations said that these areas were NOT closed, only the campsites. I expressed, "I dont want to get a ticket for being somewhere I am not supposed to be" and was told- Oh No, but let me get your # in case the campsites are cleared??? I will post my findings with the Rangers, hopefully all will be good- plans are for 20+ people and up to and 7 Cruisers!
If you guys are concidering going to Naches you should also think about going down to Tillimook and running the trails down there. It reminds me a lot of capital forest but with man made excuse the term jeep trails that are kept up and all harder trails can be by passed.
hmmm....Tillamook.... is camping open down there? My son wants to camp either Friday or Saturday night.
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yeah there sure is camping there. Browns camp is the usual spot where people camp and head out on the trails. it is about a 15-20 min drive once you leave the paved road to get to the camp. I can get us a trail guide if we decide to go. My friend pat lives down that way and goes there quite often with his jeep. Its the jeep that I posted the video to in one of the tahuya threads
I went up the 70 road today. The road is clear to about a 1/2 mile passed the upper gravel pit past the snow park. Not going to get anywhere close to Government Meadows or Naches Pass until a lot more snow melts.
manashtash side

You should be able to access on the East side after Whistling jacks , just go up the milk pond rd, hang a left up the big hill take you to the funny rocks, moon rocks area , and you will be up there , there probaly is a lot of snow up there but that shouldnt be a problem for a toyota , i hope i have my Xfer case back in by then expect a lot of people up there being that it is a 3 day weekend i can tell you that a lot of the jeeps frrom the Timber Tamers 4x4 club are heading up that friday the 24th and 25th camping on the Tanuem side, like they do every year ,,
So Tilamook or Naches?

Never been to either so hopefully someone who has can lead...

If we go to Naches I would like to be able to make it up to the cabin at Government Meadows or is that impassible right now?

I want to take these photos:


I'm up for an overnighter too...
Like I mentioned before, as of last saturday, I couldn't get anywhere near the meadows. Unless a whole lot of snow melts you'll have to get out your snowshoes to make it to the cabin. I'll give another update next week. I'm going to be up in that area next weekend and I'll take a trip up the 70 road and see how far I can get. Last weekend I couldn't get more than about a half mile past the upper gravel pit.
Any other suggestions on a place to go that isn't covered in snow?...
So has anyone figured out what is going on yet??? Pat and another one of his friends are heading out to Tillimook on Saturday the 26th, with there cherokee's. I think I will be headed down for some of that action let me know if anyone wants to go. All hard stuff can be avoided. It would be a great shock and awe if someone just want to go watch or had the idea of wanting to build a crawler like Pats jeep.

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