max trax roof rack

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Mar 29, 2009
Rio Rancho, NM
I was wanting some input and thoughts....
I'm going to use two max trax on crossbars mounted on gutter mounts. Has any one tried this? They should make a good platform to strap camping items on and when the s*** gets deep your rack can get you out.
Probably use a wing nut or something to mount directly to the bars for quick detach. Something beefy but easy to remove for getting out. Smitty built makes a set in black.
They only weigh 17 pounds and are very strong, also 49 inch by 16. Any other ideas for mounting?
I've always been surprised more people don't do this. It kills two birds with one stone.

Use the widest possible washer on top to distribute the tension, and a rubber one between the trax and the cross bar to dampen vibrations.
Down side to this is your going to have to put all the gear that's on them in your truck or on the ground to use them.
Down side to this is your going to have to put all the gear that's on them in your truck or on the ground to use them.

People actually use those things? I thought they were just decorations for the exhibition crowd?
I pulled the trigger on the Maxsa innovations version on the Amazon prime day for an extra 20% off.
Got a locking thule cross member on Craigslist for $60.
I wanted black but the reviews on Smittybilt just sucked so went with the better plastic.(maxsa)

Went to lowes and got hardware that will be easy to take off and put back on as suggested earlier with rubber washers. Drilled a few holes and's main purpose will be strapping a waterproof bag full of gear to the tracks. I'm excited to clear up space in back.
For around $300 I'll have a roof rack, escape buddies and a waterproof bag i can also put on top of wife's car.
Went wheeling tonight to see if there was any movement on washboard roads and notta. I'm happy with it other than they are bright orange.



What happened to the original roof rack?
Didn't your Cruiser have a roof rack from the factory ?
Oh... no its bald on the top.
Mount them upside down on the underside of the cross bars and you have a pretty flat surface too, though it would catch water and dirt. :)

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