Master Cyllinder on the fritz

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Feb 5, 2009
Started the LC put on the brake, put it in reverse and the abs light and brake light came on, the warning buzzer started wailing and the brake pedal dropped to the floor, virtually no brakes. Checked various threads, a couple of shops and some dealers and the consensus seems to be a master cylinder assembly. Any thoughts? A master cylinder alone is about $1100, the whole assembly is over $2000, plus labor! Any ideas on the repair or on a source for parts. I checked some wrecking yards, no luck. Thanks about to be busted in San Diego. Phil

99 Land Cruiser 177k miles, great truck!
Any chance you found brake fluid on the ground? Maybe a rubber line ruptured and leaked brake fluid out. How much fluid is in the reservoir?

no fluid on the ground, res. is full.......Phil
so the verdict is in, $2200 parts and labor. Thankfully, I got a discount on the master cylinder/brake booster/pump assembly. The dealer couldn't specifically identify the problem part, just said that it was something within the assembly. Wow, you'd think that for $2200 they could at least tell the part that failed. The part price alone was nearly $2400 before the discount to $1600. At least I get the dealer to back it up if things peter out in the next few months. Phil
Ask for the parts back. Take it apart and maybe you can find out what went wrong. Could save others some money. I'd be interested to see what a $2400 M/C-brake booster looks like on the inside.
Same thing happened to me. Brake boost is what it was. Cost about $2k installed.
IIRC the complete assembly with motor and accumulator was $1400 from one of the toyata parts on line places, $1000 for the master cylinder alone. Get the parts back, I am keen to pull down the motor/pump if you don't want it, just not sure how much it would cost to send to me.
My wife went to pick up the LC today. I called to have them send the used part home. Let me know if you want it. I am not sure how much it will cost to send it down your way. Let me know. As I mentioned, they couldn't tell me precisely what part of the assembly had failed. Consequently, I am not sure what went wrong. All I know is that the total bill was just north of $2100, ouch, so much for hanging on to used cars.....Phil
Had this issue tonight, started the truck put it in reverse......abs and brake light on with a buzzer going. Hit the brake pedal and it went to the floor. Was only a few blocks from home so decided to drive it home. Brakes worked but no power assist. After a short distance lights and buzzer went off and it drove as normal.

One time occurrence or imminent repair coming my way? 
It's about to fail. I had that same thing happen, the lights and warning came on and off, then a few days later, backing out and nothing.

Word to the wise, don't get just anyone to do this. I found out the hard way that there are several models of m/c for the 100 and it even varies in the same year!! I was going to tackle myself and got a m/c from an import yard for my year and model, only to find out one or two holes were missing on the new one. So after it was all said and done, I spent roughly about $2700 for everything.
Same happened to me. :bang: I replaced the whole unit but there is a place that sells a MC rebuild kit for around $200.00 if I remember correctly.

I just couldnt wait that long for a ride if it didnt work out. Looking back I wish I would have given it a try and waited. What is an extra 200-300 when you are spending up to $2k anyway.

But had it worked the 2k was already approved by the :princess:so i could be sporting the lift, sliders or a bumper by now.
Are these all '99 cruisers?
98LXand99LC said:
Took it to the dealer and they recommended (after looking at it for 2 1/2 hours) a new MC and brake booster for $3,100!

It was a couple of years ago, ordered the part by Toyota part # online. Unfortunately, I do not have the part # any longer. I'm an average mechanic, at best , and I would rate it a 2 out of 5 banana job. Basically, remove master cylinder, remove piston, insert new one and replace. IIRC, there is a write up the forum, I didn't write or use it,but I think it appeared after I did mine.

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