For Sale Massachusetts FJ62 and 60 parts misc items all ship free (1 Viewer)

Aug 16, 2018
Mass/NH Border
Now that I have your attention... I need power steering lines for my 62 and will trade any item up or down for them... They will be a pain to ship I do realize.

I also need to raise a few bucks for my upcoming FJ62 radiator core support purchase and replacement. I decided I have a few extra parts I do not need.
I have a couple OEM tool bags. One is clean the other is a little dirtier. Neither come complete, but I have all the bottle jack parts and some of the wrenches.
I have a couple offers on the bottle jack so until I hear back from them, no price, you can make an offer if you'd like..
I have a steering wheel, grey. Bought it and never used it (Sigfrids & Sons). I paid $125.. asking $100 shipped
Emblems. $12 each. not perfect but not bad. One has a missing mounting tab/clip $6.00 for that one
Tow Hook with hardware ($25)

Not pictured I have and can send photos on request if anything tickles your fancy. I'm open to any offers on these items and will ship at no extra charge.
3 exterior door handles, clean but missing most of the rubber bumpers
1 FJ62 grille. Needs to be painted or cleaned may have a broken tab or 2 (I'll give an honest assessment and pics if desired)
2 headlight bezels FJ62
FJ60 rear tail lamps and housings (working) small crack on one of the lenses, will double check
FJ60 front corner marker lamps (has clear and amber) working
Rear bench seat release latches
Plastic door sills in brown but some of the screw holes are blasted out, just use a very small washer

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