Marquette, MI Snow Run jan 24-26

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Sep 10, 2002
1 forum i check most often is there and will have the most up to date information. here are the details

The UP Big Wheelers will be hosting a snow run on January 24-26th in marquette michigan. Runs will be ran friday night/afternoon if anyone comes up early. Saturday and then sunday morning for those able to stay for a morning run. Accomadations can be made at numerous hotels in marquette. For those interested we could also camp out. After the runs we will gather somewhere and cook up some grub and watch videos of the days events. Come one come all it will definately be a good time.
Our first scheduled snow ride is Jan 6th in Lakewood WI....ya know, I think I may be free that weekend for a trip up!

(gotta buy a 2003 calendar tho so I can not double-book myself!)
Woody, You've been say that calendar thing for quite a while now you better get on it!
not sure as of motor right now (as you may have noticed) but did finish the wiring cleanup tonight so just need some gauges and a flywheel and it's time to start fitting things....

Hoping to have running by Sunday, may do the rpm4x4 event the 11th near Chetek....

24th is a MGB holiday party, and I outta go....

And Dan....keep yerself thinking of Attica in March....C is headed to Florida and I'm wheelin!!
if you decide to go to MI. let me know,and what weekend in march for attica?
not positive yet on the Attica weekend....depends on when the girls head to Florida....I gotta have some fun while they are gone!

Will keep ya posted tho....
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who owns a cruiser and lives in Marquette? I grew up in Munising...

I do. UPCRUISER on this board used to.
Cool...I was just there in July...did some scuba diving and hung for a couple weeks. Drove the Honda Civic up from Pensacola though. sorry...not into the deaf from the tires thing. If you ever need anything from FL drop me an
[quote author=TJDIV link=board=4;threadid=2638;start=msg36583#msg36583 date=1062285194]
If you ever need anything from FL drop me an

Likewise. Next time you're up here look me up and we'll do some Cruisin'. My email address is in my profile (last time I put my email address in a post my spam rate doubled.)

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