Marquette April 5

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Mar 28, 2003
Marquette, MI; Jackson, WY
I know this is a little last minute, but is anybody in the region up for an outing Saturday April 5th here in Marquette? UP Big Wheelers is organizing a run from the gold mine near Sauk Head Lake to Harlow Lake. Theres a group of downstaters coming up for it along with a decent size group of locals. Should be fun, but snowy. We chose this trail due to the fact that it will probably have the least snow on it, but there is still about 2 feet of pack on this portion. If anyone's interested (I know we've got a few Wisconsinites here) and live close enough to zip up or over for it feel free. We are meeting at the Kmart parking lot at 9am.
Damn the snow was deep. I just got back, it took us from 9am to 11:45 just to run the first 4 miles. And this part was on a dirt road! Everyone was having problems. There were 8 vehicles including a lifted Rubicon, a TJ on 35's fully locked, a YJ on 37's fully locked, a fully locked Bronco on 35's and everybody else sporting 34's or 33's. I'm happy to say that I was the only vehicle that didn't get stuck all day. I actually even ended up towing one of the Wranglers after it became 2wd for close to 3 miles on the toughest part of the trail. I managed to even drag him 3/4 of the way up the toughest hill that no one made it up on the first try. Some people, including my towee ended up winching it. That was just the warm up, we then drove up to the gold mine road to run the main portion of our trip. The snow was so deep that the locked Wrangler's with the 35's and 37's, made it about 10 feet before getting buried. We decided to abandon that trail due to the fact that it was deemed unrunable. We went back and ran the first portion backwards at the end and played at a couple of spots. Fun day, but damn it never broke 20 degrees. I hope spring comes here soon, I'm sick of this snow wheeling. I'll post some pictures hopefully Monday when I get my film back.

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