Marlin FJ80 HD Front Inner Axle Seal. Worn Axles

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
My inner axles have a grove worn (well it should have 2 groove as I moved the seal so that it would not have the seal on the worn part) in them but they do not leak oil out. They do leak grease in the diff though.

Would the Marlin FJ80 Heavy Duty Front Inner Axle EcoSeal help with worn axles? Does the extra lip help to keep grease out?
HD Inner Axle Seal, FJ80 | Marlin Crawler, Inc.
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I read that some people believe this application is better for part time than a full time fwd. I pulled the front axle on the 93 about 8k miles after the po installed marlin seals. Imo the were stiff and didnt seem to seal as well as the oem seals so I replaced them with oem seals. Iirc the thicker seals might have even made a large groove in the shaft, much worse than the oem seal did on the 97.

The best test would be if a few people installed a marlin on one side and an oem on the other to get a better sense of which seal is better. ;)
I had marlin seals and they leaked. I had 8k highway miles.. no off road. I talked to Marlin crawler today and they said that people with full time 4wd have had problems with their seals. My new marlin crawler seals already shipped before I called them back to ask about the seals :bang:

Needless to say I am switching to OEM this round and hoping for some better results :steer:
I commented on the wrong thread. Sorry to bring back an old thread. I was reading another one about marlin vs OEM :doh:

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