Marlin Crawler Round Up

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Oct 18, 2007
Is anyone from the club planning on attending this year?

I'm going to be registering next week and will be trying to go, as will Wes and Aaron in his 84 PU. None of us have ever been on this trail.

Please post up if and when you're heading up. We're going friday due to work schedules.

I want to go , just depends if I get my tranny swap done
I'll be doing sliders and atleast a rear bumper before the trip. I'm trying to figure out a plan since we'll be leaving so late compared to most. Need to know which side would be best to come in on and stuff like that. Also need to find some spare axle shafts and get all that kind of stuff's been a long time
Will probably go up Wednesday night to camp at loon and head in Thursday. Come home Monday.
I would come in from the tahoe side if I was coming in friday. Friday will be a traffic jam coming from loon lake. I really would not worry about the axle shafts u should be fine.

I'm going. I will be dropping down Cadillac Hill which is Tahoe side on either Wednesday or Thursday.

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