Mark Trails with LVFO of the BLM (Logandale NV.) 14 March 2009 (1 Viewer)

May 23, 2007
Las Vegas
Yesterday we worked with the BLM marking trails, we got 52 each Carsonite signs installed. This is the best one of the videos I shot yesterday featuring some 4x4s on a little obstacle. Seven more video are available on the Just Good Trails YouTube channel.

YouTube - Logandale with BLM 8

My photographs - Logandale Trails marking w/BLM pictures from deserts photos on webshots

Links to groups that had members at this event:

Just Good Trails - Just Good Trails

Nevada BackRoaders - Nevada Backroaders

Partners in Conservation - Home

Southern Nevada Land Cruisers - SNLC Home

Total Karnage - Total Karnage

Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers - Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers

We had nice size groups & all kinds of rigs

First of 52 carsonite trail markers getting installed

More trail markers going in.

Elise from Partners In Conservation riding with in a Icon doing back up GPS readings/log

More Trail markers getting pounded in the ground.

Picnic lunch among the red rocks

This is across from our picnic spot.

Some trails will get closed or are just getting marked as such.

Some local scenery


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