Mark Levinson Head Unit Replacement Problems

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Feb 11, 2012
Sandpoint, ID
I had another thread going on here about this, but it seems to have died without any resolution so sorry if you've seen this story before.

I am replacing the Mark Levinson head unit with a Pioneer AVH-4600BT on a 2001 LX470.

As others have noted, there is no harness available, so I cut off the factory harness and spliced into the Pioneer harness.

I followed the diagram on for the LX 470 Alternate (Basic) Radio with 20 Pin Connector.

It has listed:

1 +B (blue/yellow)
2 Beep (green)
5 ???? (red/white) Signal RR +
7 Mute Amp (orange)
8 ???? (pink) probably Signal FL +
9 Signal Ground (black)
11 Acc + (gray)
12 Illumination + (white/green)
13 Antenna + (black/red)
15 Amp + (red/black)
18 ???? (violet) probably Signal RL +
19 ???? (yellow) probably Signal FR +
20 Ground (brown)

As I came to notice, there are no negative wires listed for the speakers, but there is a signal ground wire (the Black wire). Does that mean that all of the negative wires coming off the Pioneer harness connect to the black wire? Or, somewhere else?

I have everything connected in that fashion, as well as the others connected to the corresponding wires (or at least I think), and have no sound at all.

The Pioneer has listed:

Yellow- Constant 12v
Orange/White- Lighting Switch Terminal
Red- Ignition 12v
Black- Ground
Violet/White- Reverse Sensor
Yellow/Black- Mute
White- Front Left (+)
White/Black - Front Left (-)
Green - Rear Left (+)
Green/Black - Rear Left (-)
Gray - Front Right (+)
Gray/Black - Front Right (-)
Violet - Rear Right (+)
Violet/Black - Rear Right (-)
Light Green- Parking Brake Indicator
Blue/White- amp power or auto antenna

So, I connected (Pioneer Wire - Lexus Wire)

Yellow- Constant 12v - +B (blue/yellow)
Red- Ignition 12v - Acc + (gray)
Black- Ground - Ground (brown)
White- Front Left (+) - (pink) probably Signal FL +
White/Black - Front Left (-) - Signal Ground (black)
Green - Rear Left (+) - (violet) probably Signal RL +
Green/Black - Rear Left (-) - Signal Ground (black)
Gray - Front Right (+) - (yellow) probably Signal FR +
Gray/Black - Front Right (-) - Signal Ground (black)
Violet - Rear Right (+) - (red/white) Signal RR +
Violet/Black - Rear Right (-) - Signal Ground (black)
Light Green- Parking Brake Indicator - Parking Brake Indicator Thingy
Blue/White- amp power or auto antenna - Amp + (red/black) (I think this is one of, if not my main problem)

Where did I screw up?

Thanks in advance.
OK, mine is different as it is an Australian version.
My diagram shows the negatives on the amplifier, not on the stereo itself.

Does the stereo come on?
There is power to the head unit, but no sound to the speakers. If I turn it way up, I get some pops through the speakers, if that means anything.
Do you have the factory amp under the seat? And, you have connected the Pioneer speaker outputs to the wires behind the headunit? If this is how you wired it, then you have the amp in the Pioneer pushing power into the factory amp which is trying to also power the speakers. That would be the problem if that's what you did. The Factory amp just needs a signal, not amplified power. Not sure how to do that without bypassing the amp. Or get a new amp and just run an RCA cable down and dont use the pioneer headunit speaker wires. Hope Im not way off here.
You need this kit: Metra kit

It has something to do with volume control of the ML amp

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