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Jun 27, 2014
Hey, guys. It's time for me to buy a replacement battery. Like many, I had the diehard platinum 31m, and I'm looking for a new option.

I was considering getting an Interstate, but I have not seen any examples on Mud of people using their marine battteries. Does anybody know of a suitable one?

I currently live in a cold part of Colorado, so that would be a consideration. I am also installing a dual battery system.

Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm not committed to a particular manufacturer. I looked around existing threads, but I didn't find exactly what I needed. Sorry if this question was already asked. (I have a '97 FZJ80.)
Feb 10, 2013
I just bought a 31m diehard gold.... Or whatever the step down from the platinum was. No issues at all and fit with no mods on my 92.

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