March 5 Harry Ainlay Open House

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Dec 18, 2010
Hey guys,

A friend of mine, Steve, is the Auto teacher at Ainlay and gave me a call to help him with his Open House setup this year. Steve has worked very hard in revamping the entire program at Ainlay and was hoping to throw on a display that will cause a bit of a stir.

He has a few nice sports cars showing up, and was looking for the polar opposite to display as well. He has an old Tercel that he was hoping to have a few guys park their trucks on.

The preferred plan would be to setup March 4 in the evening, but early on the 5th works if needed. The trucks will be locked inside the shop, and monitored throughout the entire event. I will possibly be taking that day off to help with setup as well. Steve is one of a few guys who I would trust with my truck, they will be in good hands.

If the interest is there, I figured a few trucks and a banner would not only help a great guy and program, but also some community support for the club.

Anyone interested?
I'll donate fluffy but I'm not gonna lie, she's ugly and there could be some leaks
Well Dean, looks like the mad rush of support didnt quite pan out...
Ah well, thanks for backing it man.

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