Mar 9, 2006 - Meeting Minutes

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Jun 17, 2005
Vancouver, BC
Coastal Cruisers
Club Meeting
March 9, 2006

(1) Meeting called to order – 8pm…ish

(2) River Shiver recap – Steve

a. Steve says go next year
b. Pictures posted at RMCLA & ih8mud

(3) Cruiser Days - Allstone

a. Aug 26 &27
b. North Surrey Secondary parking lot has been booked
c. Suggestion for Langley as a new venue next year
d. Club members requested to start finding raffle prizes
i. Need a form letter to present to vendors when requesting prizes
e. Allstone showed draft poster for ’06 event
f. Club members requested to think about trails for the event
g. Rob will be MC (Phil is back-up)
h. Charity to support…to be discussed further
i. Food

i. Lions/Kiwanis to do food
ii. Mr. Tube Steak (with 10% of profits going to a charity of the club’s choice)
iii. Club members do it themselves
iv. Idea to be parking lot’d to ih8Mud

j. Camping spot

i. Hobbit Camp?
ii. Chealis – same as last year… seems to be top choice
iii. Big Silver, Harrison East, but no wheeling and a long drive
iv. Time to pick will be end of June/July (wait till snow melts)
v. Hail Creek (camping at the beach on Lower Hail)

k. Need to find 2 trail leaders and 2 gunners
l. Greg Bowie to post to TLCA requesting their attendance (leadership discussion)
m. Budget for event
i. Pot-a-potty – idea scrapped – not necessary
ii. Tents (Phil, Paul, Danny)
n. Family friendly event – not really worth the effort to do stuff for kids
i. …maybe rent a “jumping room” for next year – need to watch for how many kids come this year
o. Need to make a feedback questionnaire
p. Voting system for best rig/coolest rig….
q. Email good Cruiser pics to Allstone for posters he is making

(4) Future wheeling trip

a. March 11 – BC 4x4 run at Sunrise Lake
b. March 18 – run TBD…
c. April – going to Walker in USA
d. Moab
e. Rubicon – Steve is going
f. May long weekend

i. North of Big Bar (Gang Ranch & Yodel Creek)
ii. Mike agreed to spearhead the weekend

g. Alaska – Greg Bowie

(5) Raffle – club made $10 on the raffle

a. Marcin – angle grinder
b. Gary – flashlight
c. Mike – tree saver
d. Paul – magnet
e. Gary – power pack
f. Rob – tarp
g. Mike – brake bleeder
h. Rob gave Marcin $100 to buy prizes for the next meeting

(6) Meeting adjourned – 9:45pm…ish
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