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Jun 16, 2003
United States
Hello All. Long time since I have been on the board. Unfortunately I no longer have a cruiser :(. I cannot see myself getting another one for a long time. I have a few items for sale.
1988 FJ62 Tool kit.
2F manual
Chassis and Body Manual
Toyota Landcruiser 68-82 Repair manual.

All are used but are still quite servicable. I would rather them go to a good Cruiserhead than anybody else. Will sell seperate or a package. Please just make me a resonable offer. I really need to sell the stuff. If you require more info or pics email me at

PMed you
PM'ed you about the 2F manual.
I will get back to everyone shortly as I might have a buyer. Thanks for your patience
Buyer couldn't make up their mind so the stuff is still for sale. Please email if interested.

Located in Canada, Shipping killed the deal, I am not paying 25 bucks to ship some books.
Sorry for not buying them:(
It was also a toolkit not just books. I offered to remove the toolkit and thus reduce box size and weight but I got no reply. It does not bother me if you didnt buy the stuff but reply back and say so within a resonable time frame. No reply is not a good thing.
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Tell us where you're located.
What's all in the tool kit and is the body/chassis manual OEM or a piece of crap Haynes/Chilton etc.?
2 F and Chassis Body are OEM
other is a Haynes book
If you are interested email me.

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