manual glow plug relay and switch for toyota hilux turbo diesel

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Apr 15, 2009
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had any information on putting a manual glow plug system on my toyota hilux 2.4 lrt diesel 1990 . I'm having troubles starting the vehichle when it is cold it also smokes quite a bit once it does start and believe that it has a large part to do with the fuel not being warmed up to the proper post starting temperature therefor a manual set up would be better can some one help me out with this thanks Jason :cheers:
Have you replaced the glow plugs yet? If the glow plug controller works, and cycles the glow plugs, then I don't know if a "wilson switch" (that's a common name for a manual glow plug switch) is a great solution.

You've got a 2LT-E, or a 3L?


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