manual 62?

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Feb 21, 2007
im thinking about converting my 62 from auto to manual. do you think its worth it?
I have dreams of doing this swap when my auto ever goes out. Toyota builds an excellent auto trans, but putting a manual into a 62 with the 4.11's in the thirds, would give so much more "power". Plus sticks are plain fun to drive!
I think it would be worth it and a bit of work.
I've got a 3FE in my FJ-60 with an H55 and I recommend it. I love the control you have over the motor, unlike the A440F. The swap would be worth it IMHO.
Did the FJ62s in USA only ever come in Auto then..? Ours is an early Aus 62 (crossover model still with round headlights etc) but it has the 5 speed and 3FE as standard. Its a nice combination although low geared still. It would be an improvement over the 4 speed, but i have never driven an auto so i couldn't comment there.

Yeah, in the US all 3FE (fuel injected) + auto tranny.

I swapped a 3FE into a FJ60 and retained the 4 speed and this is a nice combination but the 5 speed would be better.

I am in the process of gathering parts for this for my rig....How much of the 62 wiring harness did you use?

I am in the process of gathering parts for this for my rig....How much of the 62 wiring harness did you use?


All of it, but I think you could tease out just the subharness for the EFI, ECU, and engine related stuff and wire that in. Since I had the whole FJ62 harness on hand it seemed like the easiest thing, at least for me, was to swap out the 60 harness and implant the 62 harness.
I have an '89 FJ62 w/ an H42 right now. I love the change.
I was never fond of the performance (really the lack of performance) from the A440. The 4-speed works great. A 5-speed will really rock.
To switch from the A440 to the H55F you will need to snag a lot of parts from a later FJ60. Pedal assembly, bell-housing, flywheel, drive-shifts will work too. The 3FE crank is already drilled for the pilot bearing.
You should look at the killer skidplate/tranny mount FC-Fabrication made for this conversion.

I'm planning on getting one of these made for mine after I get the H55F put in.
My gas mileage also went from about 11mpg to 15mpg w/ the 4-speed and 31" tires.
I think you will really like the change if you go through w/ it.

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